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Catherine's Weight Loss Surgery Transformation

Lost 168 Pounds

If there was one thing Catherine Leick wished she could do, it was join her young niece and nephew on the playground. But until very recently, her weight kept her from doing that – and many other activities. “I’ve dealt with stress and worry by eating since I was a child, and I’ve struggled with my weight as long as I can remember,” says Catherine, 29, of Norfolk. “As I got older, the weight piled on until, at age 27, I hit 354 pounds.”

catherine lieck

Walking, CrossFit and playing with her
young niece and nephew are all part of
Catherine's life after weight loss.

Lost weight always regained

Catherine lost weight many times by diet and exercise, and even used diet pills, but that weight, and more, always returned. “I knew I could be eligible for weight loss surgery, and thought about it for years,” she explains, “but kept hesitating because I wasn’t sure what the best procedure would be for me, and felt nervous about having surgery.”

Poor quality of life called for changes

The tipping point came in 2015, when she hurt her knee and damaged a spinal disc in her lower back. “I had severe pain all the time, missed a lot of work, and was even too tired and in pain to see my friends. At that point, I realized my quality of life had become so poor that I had to do something to change my situation. So I contacted Bryan Bariatric Advantage and scheduled a consultation to learn more about my options for weight loss surgery. “Over the 14 months since my surgery,” says Catherine, “I’ve worked with the staff and counselors at Bryan to learn how to cope in healthy ways, rather than by eating when I get stressed or worried. Now, I’m happy to say that food no longer controls me.”

Active life for the win!

Catherine so far has lost 168 pounds and is excited to be able to do so much more now. “I can trade clothes with my friends — something I could never do, even as a kid. And I’m much more active — walking and jogging, and I just started CrossFit training.” And now, she can go to the park with her little niece and nephew, and stay off the sidelines. “This summer, when my nephew said ‘Aunt Catie! Come play on the slide with me!’ I could actually do it — in fact, we went down the slide together 17 times that day. I would suggest to anyone thinking about weight loss surgery that they contact Bryan Bariatric Advantage to learn about the different options and what is the right procedure for them. That was the first step for me — it’s helped me change my life."

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