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Weight Loss Surgery Patient Stories

A new lease on life, inspiring stories of success

We congratulate all our patients on their accomplishments and are proud to provide the range of services, care and support that changes lives.

If you're struggling with weight and are ready to change your life, this video with bariatric surgeons and other health experts provides information on weight loss surgery or learn more about our non-surgical weight loss program. We're here to help you begin your journey.

Gordon's Story

Lost 100 Pounds

On his weight loss surgery journey, Gordon lost 100 pounds and significantly improved his health. He dramatically lowered his A1c, blood glucose levels, cholesterol and blood pressure. Plus, reduced the number of medications he takes from 23 to 3.

"I feel better than ever," says Gordon.

Kristin's Story

Lost 122 Pounds

Kristin dropped five dress sizes and lost 122 pounds. She no longer needs blood pressure medication or the 24/7 oxygen that was once a part of her life.

"I have a second chance at life thanks to Bryan Bariatric Advantage,” says Kristin. “Having weight loss surgery was the best decision of my life. I feel great. I’m confident and energetic, and I love it!”

Brian's Story

Lost 190 Pounds

When Brian reached 370 pounds he also reached a new low in terms of health and self-esteem. He was miserable and hated life. Then he found Bryan Bariatric Advantage, had weight loss surgery and changed his life. Now, he’s lost 190 pounds, all his health issues are gone and he’s doing things he couldn’t do before.

Brian’s response to all of this, “Bravo Bryan Bariatric Advantage!”

Kristin's Story

Lost 85 Pounds

For Kristin, health was a big concern. “I had pain in my hips, knees and ankles; my feet hurt all the time. My self-esteem was non-existent. All this changed with weight loss surgery at Bryan Bariatric Advantage. The staff was so supportive and comforting."

"I lost 85 pounds, and now I’m pain free and more confident,” says Kristin. “I’m living my life for the first time in a long time. I even put on a swimsuit!”

Megan's Story

Lost 260 Pounds

Catherine's Story

Lost 168 Pounds

Catherine on slide after bariatric surgery

If there was one thing Catherine Leick wished she could do, it was join her young niece and nephew on the playground. But until very recently, her weight kept her from doing that – and many other activities.

“I’ve dealt with stress and worry by eating since I was a child, and I’ve struggled with my weight as long as I can remember,” says Catherine. “As I got older, the weight piled on until, at age 27, I hit 354 pounds.”

Today Catherine has lost 168 pounds!

Read about Catherine's weight loss transformation.

Phillip's Story

Lost Nearly 180 Pounds

phillip's story

Phillip, a Crete Area Medical Center paramedic, says he is happier and much more able to enjoy life after weight loss surgery, exercise and support from the Bryan Bariatric Advantage Program.

Read about Phillip's weight loss transformation.

Kiley's Story

Lost 70 Pounds in Six Months

When Kiley faced the hard realization she couldn't go for a bike ride or stroll through an outdoor market due to her weight, she knew it was time to make a change for the better. With the help of Bryan Bariatric Advantage's comprehensive team of dieticians and doctors, Kiley is setting goals and making significant strides in her weight loss journey.

"I like to win. And in the end it's all for me and I have to give it 110 percent," said Kiley.

Paige's Story

Lost 145 Pounds

At 39, Paige's brother passed away due to a heart attack. Knowing her life was also at risk, Paige knew she needed to make a change. She contacted Bryan Bariatric Advantage and underwent weight loss surgery.

Today, she is leading and living a healthier life. She has committed to eating healthier, exercising and has the ability to keep up with her young son. "I am now a better, healthier person," says Paige.

Rhonda's Story

Lost 150 Pounds

Before bariatric surgery, Rhonda weighed nearly 400 pounds and was unable to complete simple daily tasks such as tying her shoe. Today, the opportunities are endless for Rhonda. Now she's lacing up her shoes, taking the stairs and even biking. Something she never dreamed of before surgery.

"It's your life and it's your health," says Rhonda. "It was a commitment I had to make personally and mentally."

Brenda's Story

Lost 132 Pounds

When doctors told Brenda that if she didn't take control of her weight, she might no longer be around – that was the turning point. Her liver was no longer functioning properly and it was time to make a change.

Her doctor recommended Bryan Bariatric Advantage where she met the close-knit team that continues to support her in staying committed to a healthier lifestyle.

"The amount of things I am now able to do is innumerable, compared to before," said Brenda. "People also comment on how much happier I am and how much more confidence I have."

Change Your Life, the Time is Now

We congratulate all our patients on their accomplishments and are proud to provide the range of services, care and support that changes lives.

If you're struggling with weight and have had enough, attend one of our weight loss surgery information sessions. We're here to help you begin your journey.


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