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Yoga: It’s Good for Body and Soul!

Yoga is beneficial for your body and mind. With regular practice, you may see:

  • Reduced pulse rate and blood pressure
  • Increased joint range of motion
  • Less anxiety
  • Improved concentration
  • Lower blood sugar, cholesterol and more

Yoga is a gentle, low-impact exercise that can be modified for everyone’s ability. There are different types of yoga; some are more vigorous, others are more meditative. Each can be adapted for beginners or advanced individuals. When looking for a class, talk with the instructor on the type of yoga he or she teaches, what modification tools or props they use and whether they have taught larger people. You might want to first observe or try a class before you commit to it.

When beginning, listen to your body. Go at your own pace and don’t compare yourself to others in the class. You also can try yoga at home with beginner DVDs or YouTube channels. Look for classes that are specific to larger individuals.

Yoga can help you feel at home in your body both before surgery and after surgery, as your body is changing as you lose weight. Give it a try!

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