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The Missing Link to Your Health – Body Composition

Did you know? Having a normal weight and/or BMI doesn’t always mean you’re healthy! If you’re only focusing on the scale and you still live an unhealthy lifestyle, you might be “skinny fat.”

It is not just about weight. Weight alone cannot tell you how much fat (adipose tissue) you have on your body and neither can BMI (body mass index). Body composition helps analyze the percentage of body fat you have compared to the parts of your body that are fat free, such as bone, muscle and organs – also called lean tissue. Body composition is measured to assess your health and/or fitness level and how it has changed when losing weight and/or improving fitness.

When considering body fat and health it’s also important to distinguish between the fat carried under your skin (subcutaneous fat) and that stored internally around organs (visceral fat). Having a high percentage of fat ­- especially visceral fat ­- is linked to many health issues including high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, cognitive decline, high cholesterol and even poor bone density.

You can measure your body composition through several different methods including skinfold caliper measurements, hydrostatic (underwater) weighing and bioelectrical impedance.

To improve your body composition, increase lean body tissue and maintain a healthy weight:

    • Eat a healthy diet
    • Exercise and avoid being sedentary throughout the day
    • Do both cardiovascular exercise and strength training
    • Your body composition and body fat are important factors on the road to health and fitness. Weight loss alone does not indicate health.

If you're still frustrated and would like to learn more about your body composition to lose weight, consider InBody. This is an easy, quick method of metabolic testing. You'll receive a report of your caloric needs based on your metabolic rate, muscle mass, body fat percentage and more. Create your plan for success and track your progress over time.
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