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Published on December 05, 2017

Holiday Exercise Jingles

Fitness Wonderland

(Sung to Winter Wonderland melody)

Barbells ring
Are you listening?
On your brow
Sweat’s a glistening
You’re a beautiful sight
All your muscles are tight
Working in your fitness wonderland
In aerobics we will step together
Following the teacher’s every cue
She’ll say, “Are you tired?”
We’ll say, “No, Ma’am, We can dance another song or two”
Later on when we tire
And we change our attire
We’ll face unafraid
The shape that we’ve made
Working in our fitness wonderland

Jungle Gym

(Sung to Jingle Bells melody)

Dashing in the gym
In aerobics class today
O’er the floor we go
Leaping all the way
Songs from speakers ring
Making spirits bright
What fun it is to jump and spin
And work our muscles right!
Exercise! Exercise! Melt that fat away!
Oh what fun it is to dance
Our workout feels like play!

Both “new’ lyrics by Susan S. Gauthier

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