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Healthy Hips

Participating in a regular exercise program is important to enhance function and quality of life. Walking is a popular form of exercise and very specific to life’s needs. If you have hip pain or discomfort it can limit your walking, effectively decreasing your mobility, and may increase your fall risk. Rest is sometimes necessary, but too much sitting is the enemy of stiff, achy hips.

The exercises in this brochure will help strengthen and stretch the muscles that support your hips. Start doing them two to three times per week, and work up to doing them daily. Be sure to check with your doctor if you have medical issues or severe pain. A physical therapist and/or exercise professional can help you as you progress with these exercises and other specifically needed exercises.

Remember - you can be a key player in your function and quality of life. Are the choices, habits and behaviors you have today in line with the goals, dreams and vision you have for tomorrow?

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