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For Exercise Success, Details Matter

A successful exercise session, to be safe and effective, includes a few details that will help your body recover and be ready to go for the next session. A warm-up includes an activity that gradually increases your heart rate and breathing, and warms up your muscles and joints.

After you are done with your cardiovascular exercise and/or your strength training, take time for a cool-down. Gradually slow things down and let your heart rate and breathing decrease; this usually take no more than three to five minutes. This also is a good time to stretch, while your muscles are still warm. Stretching helps posture, mobility and range of motion, and helps your muscles return to a more relaxed state that may help decrease stiffness and soreness. This will help set the tone for another successful workout!

Finally, prepare for your next exercise session by making sure your water bottle is easily accessed and ready to be filled; have a snack handy afterward to refuel; and make sure you empty and prep your gym bag for your next exercise session.

Looking ahead and preparing both for getting your exercise done and in making your body ready and able to recover well can be key in your long-term success!

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