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Sleep Studies

A comfortable environment with expert care to help you get a good night's rest

At Bryan, we believe everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. By providing overnight sleep studies our experts will monitor and assess the issues you’re facing and help you get the rest and relief you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an overnight sleep study?

An overnight sleep study is a test used to diagnose sleep disorders. Our expert team records your brain waves, the oxygen level in your blood, heart rate and breathing, as well as eye and leg movements during the study.

Where does the sleep study take place?

Our sleep studies can take place in your home, at the Bryan Center for Sleep Medicine or at Crete Area Medical Center.

If you're study is being done at one of our sleep centers, you will be asked to arrive at a time that accommodates your routine sleep schedule. We offer sleep tests during daytime and nighttime hours.

Each room offers a relaxing environment with excellent amenities during your overnight stay:

  • Full size bed
  • Restroom and shower
  • Ceiling fan
  • TV with remote control
  • Window
  • Night light
  • White noise machine

How long does the sleep study take?

Sleep studies generally take seven hours. This allows us to thoroughly monitor your brain waves, oxygen levels, heart rate and breathing. Once your sleep study is complete you are welcome to shower in your room or go home to continue your normal daily routine. We also provide a few small breakfast items the following morning including coffee, juices, danish and muffins.

What if I can't sleep?

Many people wonder if they will be able to sleep while undergoing a sleep study. It is a common concern. We don’t expect you to sleep as well as you normally do and we take that into account when generating your sleep report. We provide relaxation music and sound generating machines (rain, thunderstorm, babbling brook, etc.) to help soothe you to sleep. If after a certain amount of time you can’t fall asleep, we may offer to give you a sleeping aid to help you get to sleep.

What advanced technology is involved?

We use many different types of equipment to monitor many different physiological variables. Nothing is painful – there are no needles, shots, pokes or pins! All equipment and sensors rest on the skin, or over the pajamas.

We attach electrodes and sensor with some paste and some tape. There will be some stretchy bands that go around the chest and the abdomen to monitor the effort you make to breath. The sensor that “tickles” the most resembles an oxygen cannula, but we are not providing oxygen, it is a pressure transducer that tells us if air is moving in out and out of the nose and mouth. We place two electrodes on each leg to monitor leg movements. There will be an oximeter on the finger that helps monitor the amount of oxygen in your blood as well.

Do I need to sleep in a certain position during the study?

You can sleep in whatever body position you find comfortable. If you need to go to the bathroom, your sleep technologist just needs to come unhook you and then you can use your private bathroom. You can communicate with your technologist at all times through an intercom system.

If you have questions, please call us. Our friendly staff will be happy to visit with you.

Bryan Center for Sleep Medicine

Crete Area Medical Center

Trouble Sleeping?

Talk to your doctor or call Bryan Center for Sleep Medicine at 402-481-8614.


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