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Pediatric Therapy

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Milestone Achiever of the Month

February 2018

Tyson Reinboth

Milestone Achiever Tyson

Tyson’s physical, occupational and speech therapists help him improve his balance, develop his fine motor precision and increase his vocabulary skills. He works with Brandy Escamilla, PT, Kindra Fox, OT and Ashley Yates, SLP. This 6-year-old knows how to have fun - making up silly stories and playing games like Pop the Pig, Candyland and Perfection. Below are the milestones Tyson has achieved, followed by his new goals going forward.

Goals Achieved:

  1. Tyson is able to sit upright while reaching for objects without loss of balance.
  2. Tyson is able to cut paper in half with a little help holding the paper.
  3. Tyson identifies similarities and differences for word use with 75% accuracy.

New Goals:

  1. Tyson will walk with forearm crutches with standby assist for 20 steps.
  2. Tyson will increase his motor skills by cutting a square and staying within 1/2 inch of the line.
  3. Tyson will generate concrete sentences provided with pictures with 50% accuracy.

January 2018

Niam Bhakta

Milestone Achiever of the Month - Niam

2-year-old Niam works with a Bryan physical therapist, NaTosha Siemek and speech pathologist, Julie McDaniel. We celebrate with Niam as he increases his vocabulary and improves his walking with greater speed and balance. His favorite activities in therapy are playing with cars and balls. Below are the milestones Niam has achieved, followed by his new goals going forward.

Goals Achieved:

  1. Niam increased his vocabulary to 20 words.
  2. Niam points to target picture in a simple group of four pictures with 75% accuracy.
  3. Niam walks up and down an incline surface by himself without losing his balance.
  4. Niam demonstrates improved walking speed, keeping up with his mom or physical therapist.

New Goals:

  1. Niam will combine two words and/or signs together in 75% of opportunities.
  2. Niam will increase functional vocabulary with word/sign combinations to 50 words.
  3. Niam will walk up four stairs with step-over-step gait pattern and one handrail assist.
  4. Niam will pedal a trike for 10 feet without assistance.

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