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bryan rehabilitation gardenAn Outdoor Space to Recover, Rebuild & Enjoy
Bryan Health is proud to unveil the new Bryan Rehabilitation Garden, an area that is dedicated to providing an enjoyable space to recover and rebuild.

Stroke Therapy

Rehabilitation is a critical part of recovery for many who have suffered a stroke

Every stroke is different and presents new challenges, with opportunities to overcome, relearn and redefine how you live.

At Bryan inpatient rehabilitation, our expert team focuses on your story, your goals and helping you rebuild your life. We collaborate with you and your loved ones to build strength, skills and confidence to help you return to life. In fact, your ability to return home is a key goal of our program. Our percentage of patients discharged directly home  - 75 percent - is higher than both the regional and national averages.



"No two ways about it, having a stroke is a life-changing experience. Patients and families should know that the doctors and staff of the Bryan acute rehabilitation unit are there to help, and they are very, very good at what they do."  

Bud gets Back on Track with our Accredited Inpatient Rehab Team 

Specialized Stroke Therapy

While every stroke is different, often some type of physical limitation or disability is common. Our team focuses on maximizing physical recovery using our expertise as well as our training and advanced technology to increase independence regarding mobility, self-care and leisure activities.

Comprehensive Stroke Care


Sometimes physical challenges can be further complicated with vision changes. Visual changes from stroke can range from dry eyes to double vision to loss of visual field. At Bryan inpatient rehabilitation, we are fortunate to have a neuro-optometrist on staff. Dr. James Nedrow collaborates with our team and provides individualized interventions for stroke survivors with visual difficulties.


Communication challenges can be frustrating. Some people will have trouble speaking, while others may have more difficulty understanding words spoken by others. Reading, writing and math skills can be affected, as well. Our team works together to create patient-specific goals, and strives to help each person achieve independence.


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