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bryan rehabilitation gardenAn Outdoor Space to Recover, Rebuild & Enjoy
Bryan Health is proud to unveil the new Bryan Rehabilitation Garden, an area that is dedicated to providing an enjoyable space to recover and rebuild.

Amputee Therapy

Helping you overcome the challenges of limb loss or deficiency

Limb loss or limb deficiency significantly impacts you and your loved ones emotionally and physically. At Bryan inpatient rehabilitation our team of experts will surround you with encouragement, expertise and the opportunity to rebuild your life.



"The doctors, nurses and therapists in the acute inpatient rehabilitation unit at Bryan West Campus helped so much after my accident. They were sure I'd be able to come back from the injury. That helped me understand that, although I lost a leg, I can still do what I want to do in my life."

Collaborative Amputee Care

Our team will work closely with you and your loved one to assure your successful return to the activities you love to do. You will be surrounded by an exceptional team of professionals working for you to achieve your goals. Our team will provide support, resources, peer visitors, and educational materials to empower you and enhance your quality or life.

  • Physicians
  • Therapists
  • Nurses
  • Psychologists
  • Pastoral care
  • Nutrition experts
  • Certified therapy dogs

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