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Pain Management

Expert care, treatments and surgeries to relieve your pain

Living in pain limits your life and the activities you enjoy. Recognizing your pain, managing the cause of your pain and finding relief is important to us. We want to see you return to a life you enjoy.

At Bryan, we offer a range of pain management care, treatments and surgeries to relieve your pain. Our expert doctors, interventional radiologists, therapists and surgeons use innovative technology to identify and treat your pain.

Care, Treatments and Surgeries to Relieve Your Pain

Plantar Fasciitis, Foot, Heel and Elbow Pain

A healthy tendon makes movement and motion easy and pain free. When tendons are damaged, movement can be very painful. The Tenex TX treatment removes the source of pain, which is scarred and damaged tissue, without disturbing the surrounding healthy tissue.

Interventional radiologists at Bryan Medical Center introduced this innovative treatment to Nebraska and continue to offer the region’s highest level of experience with the Tenex TX treatment to relieve tendon pain.The Tenex TX treatment takes less than 20 minutes with a quick recovery time.

Regain your active lifestyle with this effective, outpatient treatment.

Migraine, Cluster Headaches and Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain

SphenoCath is the most advanced treatment to relieve headache and trigeminal neuralgia pain.

This simple, effective outpatient treatment offers immediate and ongoing relief, and is safe for children and pregnant women. It takes only 15 minutes and is performed with no needles.

Change your life. Get relief from your headache pain today.

Asthma and Breathing Difficulty

Have you missed work, changed your daily activities or had to go to the emergency department because of your asthma? Severe asthma can be a life-stopper. Bronchial Thermoplasty is a non-drug therapy that offers proven results to reduce asthma attacks so you can enjoy life.

If asthma is limiting your life, find out how you can breathe easier with Bronchial Thermoplasty.

Ankle and Foot Pain

If you’re experiencing ankle or foot pain that limits your daily low-impact activities, ankle replacement surgery could be a great fit for you. With new surgical techniques, you’ll regain a more natural movement so you can return to your favorite activities pain free.

Learn about the benefits of ankle replacement surgery and if it’s right for you.

Hip and Knee Pain

Knee and hip pain can turn life’s simple pleasures and everyday activities into painful ordeals. If you’re missing out on your favorite activities and dread daily activities because of pain, it might be time to learn more about joint replacement surgery.

We offer traditional and minimally invasive options for hip and knee joint replacement. This includes the very latest in replacement joints designed specifically for men and women.

Relieve your joint pain and get back to enjoying life with joint replacement surgery.

Back Pain

If you’re among the millions who suffer from back pain, relief is in reach.

Interventional radiologists and surgeons at Bryan Medical Center offer the nation’s most advanced and innovative treatment options for acute (sudden and intense) back pain from injury, acute and chronic and low back pain, and pain due to illness such as osteoporosis.

Find relief in our advanced and innovative treatments for back pain and spine issues.

SpineJack Treatment Provides Lasting Relief

Massage Therapy and Reflexology

Whether it’s stress-related, a constant painful ache or soreness from overdoing it, our skilled massage therapists at The Spa at Bryan LifePointe can take away your muscle pain.

Here you’ll find deep tissue to more gentle massages – and everything in between – aromatherapy and reflexology, all offered in a soothing relaxing atmosphere to ease away your pain and restore mind and body.

Find the perfect massage or reflexology therapy for you.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Whether it’s a work or sports-related injury, recovery from surgery or chronic pain from illness, physical therapy can help rebuild your strength, restore your movement and reduce your pain. Our highly skilled physical therapists can help you, offering the expert knowledge and specialized training to provide the right therapy for your situation.

Rebuild and restore with our expert physical therapists.

Aquatic Therapy

If you are experiencing pain during recovery or because of a chronic illness, aquatic therapy may offer help, and bring relief. Water therapy eliminates gravity, relieving pressure and impact on joints and enables you to focus on regaining your strength, motion, posture and balance.

At Bryan LifePointe, we offer exceptional aquatic pools for therapy with one-on-one direction and support from our skilled and specially trained therapists.

Find relief in our calming waters.


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