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Treatment Options

New Option to Relieve Tendon Pain - Tenex TX Treatment

Takes less than 20 minutes. Quick recovery. Covered by insurance.

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Until now, the options for treating tendon pain were rest, physical therapy, medications, or an open surgical procedure. Limited to these treatment options, it could take months or years to recover and get back to daily activities.

Now, there is an innovative treatment option. The Tenex TX Technique removes the source of tendon pain, safely and quickly. This minimally invasive outpatient treatment removes tendon scar tissue, allowing you to return to your active lifestyle. A doctor can recommend the best treatment for your tendon pain.

Treatment options include:

  • Rest – Pain will eventually get better with rest, but it may take a year to recover, with significant restriction on your activities
  • Medication – Anti-inflammatory drugs or cortisone injections manage pain and swelling. However, these medications are intended to control the pain but not necessarily address the cause of the pain
  • Physical therapy – Used in conjunction with rest, medication or surgery, physical therapy will help to restore strength and range of motion
  • Open surgical procedure – Used to remove the scar tissue, surgery has been found to be beneficial. However, it is accompanied by potential side effects of general surgery, unintended damage to surrounding muscle and tissue, and a lengthy recovery period with restricted activity
  • Tenex TX Technique – The TX Technique removes scarred and damaged tissue (the source of pain) without disturbing the surrounding healthy tendon tissue. The TX Technique achieves the same goal as open surgery but is minimally invasive and performed under local anesthesia, in a nonsurgical setting. Most people return to normal activities within six weeks

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