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What to Expect After Surgery


Education is the cornerstone of the Joint Academy. The more you know, the more you gain. Education for a quick and safe recovery is all-inclusive in the Joint Academy.


We follow all national standards for patient safety, including fall prevention and infection control. In fact Bryan is a national leader in infection prevention and served as a mentor for other hospitals in this endeavor.


Many people worry about pain after surgery. Your comfort is important to us.  We have many ways to help you ease your pain; this will be tailored to your needs. Medication, relaxation, repositioning, anesthesia techniques – all of these are available to help with your post-surgery pain.

Family Involvement

Your family or support people (we call them tutors) are an important part of your successful recovery. Please include them in your surgery process. If they lecture to you, listen to them! Together, you can meet your goals and return to the activities you enjoy.


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