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Interdisciplinary Team

Our team is made up of neurosurgeons, spine specialists (including neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons), neurologists, neuro-oncologists, psychiatrists, neuro clinical nurse specialists, neurosurgical staff, neuroscience unit nurses, ICU staff, sleep medicine specialists, neuro-hospitalist and inpatient acute rehabilitation staff.

Our team functions at a very high level because of the extensive training the nurses and surgical techs receive. They stay abreast of current technologies and treatments such as stealth image guided surgery and the intra-operative MRI. Our specially trained staff are available around the clock to help with all neuro patients – from those with aneurysms to those who have experienced head trauma.

Bryan Rapid Response Team (BRRT)

The Bryan Rapid Response Team responds to emergency care conditions on the patient units. Benefits include fast and accurate critical patient assessment and clear and concise communication with appropriate physicians. Our BRRT program establishes critical care teams that are available around the clock to help patients whose conditions seem to be deteriorating. Each team includes an experienced respiratory therapist and registered nurse from critical care who help assess, treat and stabilize the patient.


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