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What is a High Risk Pregnancy?

If you're planning to get pregnant or are pregnant, you may be wondering, what is considered a high risk pregnancy? And what care is available if you're high risk?

A high risk pregnancy is one that threatens the health and life of the mom or her baby due to existing health conditions or complications that arise during pregnancy. 

You may have a high risk pregnancy if you have:

existing health conditions

previous pregnancy complications

complications with the baby

What is a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Doctor?

A maternal-fetal medicine doctor has advanced knowledge and training to diagnose and treat complications that can occur in a pregnancy.

Maternal-fetal medicine doctors provide care for women with complex conditions before, during and after pregnancy. They provide consultations to diagnose and treat complications and partner with you and your provider including: 

  • OB/GYNs
  • Family doctors
  • Nurse midwives
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Physician assistants
  • Nurses

A maternal-fetal medicine doctor also works with patients and their doctors to manage conditions like diabetes, gestational diabetes and high blood pressure for a healthier pregnancy for mom and baby.

Blogs and Podcasts from Maternal-Fetal Medicine Experts at Bryan

pregnant woman holding stomachHow old is too old to have a baby?

As more and more women are having babies in their late 30s and early 40s,  maternal-fetal medicine specialist Sean Kenney, MD, discusses the question of 'how old is too old to have a baby?' While risks increase with age, medical technology has improved over the years. Learn more about new tests/screenings and ways to prepare.

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pregnant woman and husband looking at computerGestational Diabetes: What Expecting Mothers Should Know

10-Minute podcast with maternal-fetal specialist, Benjamin Byers, DO

About 10 percent of women who do not have diabetes develop diabetes during pregnancy. Becoming educated on what to do to control gestational diabetes during pregnancy is important for you and your baby.

Listen Now

doctor talking to womanA New Non-Invasive Test for Downs Syndrome

10-Minute podcast with maternal-fetal specialist, Sean Kenney, MD

Cell-free fetal DNA testing is a relatively new test used to determine the risk of a baby having a chromosome disorder, such as Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome or Patau syndrome. In this podcast, Dr. Kenney helps you better understand this test and how it can help determine health risks to an unborn child.

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Specialized Care for High Risk Pregnancies

You're pregnant - or considering becoming pregnant - and because of your health, age or various other factors your pregnancy may be high risk. You can take comfort in knowing that our doctors have the training, dedication and expertise to care for you and your baby.

kenney sean md

Sean Kenney, MD, FACOG

"My interest in caring for high risk pregnancy patients began when I was in medical school. My wife was pregnant and had complications. We saw a specialist and I saw first-hand the difference it made. Today, I have nine kids. It’s a blessing to have children. I enjoy helping patients who are concerned about becoming pregnant due to a health condition and those with complications achieve a good outcome and healthy baby." 

Get to Know Dr. Kenney

byers benjamin do

Benjamin Byers, DO, FACOG

"A difficult or complicated pregnancy can be a time of great emotional stress to patients and families. I am dedicated to providing you with excellent care while maintaining effective communication. It is my goal to address your concerns with compassion, empathy and a listening ear. I hope to relieve the anxiety associated with high-risk pregnancy and provide comfort and optimism."

Get to Know Dr. Byers

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