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Cancer Diagnosis? What's Your Next Step? Talk to a Nurse Navigator.

Listen in as Joanna Morgan and Carrie Waltemath, Bryan oncology nurse navigators, discuss how they can help you through your cancer diagnosis.

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Cancer Nurse Navigators

Helping you through your cancer journey. Bryan Medical Center oncology nurse navigators

A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming - the emotions, the unknown, the decisions.

At Bryan, we have specially trained nurses who are here to help you and your family through each step of your cancer journey. These nurses are called oncology nurse navigators. Oncology is the medical term for cancer.

Here for you

Bryan oncology nurse navigators are experienced oncology nurses here to serve as your guide, advocate, educator, resource and liaison through all aspects of your cancer journey – and especially as you make decisions about the best care and treatment for you.

Our oncology nurse navigators will:

  • Provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your cancer care
  • Help you understand all of your treatment options specific to your diagnosis and the stage of your cancer
  • Coordinate appointments, tests and referrals to other services such as nutrition and physical therapy
  • Communicate with all your providers about your treatment plan and follow up
  • Identify potential barriers to care and provide resources to ensure you receive the best and most timely care possible
  • Provide emotional support and understanding to you and your family
  • Serve as a continuous point of contact for you and your family, throughout your cancer care

We're here for you; to support and help you with compassion and expertise, to relieve some of the stress and uncertainty in your life, and to help you determine and navigate your best course of treatment.

You are not alone. We'll take this journey together.

Our Oncology Nurse Navigators

joanna morgan

Joanna Morgan, MSN, RN, OCN


carmen orr 150x200Carmen Orr, RN, OCN

carrie waltermath

Carrie Waltemath, BSN, RN, OCN



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