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Recovery Stories

Providing hope and healing to happier, healthier lives

The path to sobriety can be scary and overwhelming, but you or your loved one is not alone. Many have come through our doors at the Bryan Independence Center and experienced the expert and compassionate care of our staff. Those individuals are now happier, healthier and experiencing a better quality of life thanks to the support of their families, friends and our caring team.

Hope for the Hopeless

For John, the day he began treatment at Bryan Independence Center was the day he found hope, the day he began a new life. Ten years later, he is still sober and is loving every day of life without alcohol.

Support for Families

For Pat Novak, Bryan Independence Center provided substance use treatment to her loved ones, and it has also provided her with the tools she needs to communicate and live with people struggling with addiction. She shares the story of her family's journey toward recovery, and the importance of a facility like the Bryan Independence Center.

Freedom from the Bondage of Addiction

By the time Paul graduated high school, he was drunk almost every day. He tried to quit drinking many times, never succeeding for more than a day or two. Living in filth with his health in shreds, he finally realized he couldn't do it on his own. Paul found the help he needed at Bryan Independence Center. Now, 21 years of sobriety later, Paul reflects on the freedom from addiction he is thankful for.

Once Broke, Now Sober and President of a Construction Company

Randy counts himself among the lucky ones - an alcoholic who found the tools to survive. He's grateful the Bryan Independence Center has shared his journey for 23 years.

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From Teen-Age Drug and Alcohol Abuser to Sober Role Model

Can substance use as a pre-teen predispose a child to failing grades, academic probation, removal from activities, introduction to the legal system, injuring himself or others, ending someone's life? All possible, and unfortunately, probable.

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