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Professional Referrals for Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment

We value our long standing history of collaborative care

Professional Referrals

Bryan Independence Center has a long history of collaboration with other professionals. We help medical, law enforcement, judicial, therapeutic, educational professionals and institutions to ensure the appropriate care for all clients.

If you are a professional working with clients who are in need of services at Bryan Independence Center, we will be happy to assist you in finding the answers you need.

Chemical Dependency Intervention Nurse

Often, patients admitted to a hospital for health problems also have substance abuse or dependency issues that are complicating their overall health. A patient's attending physician can request a consult by an intervention nurse, who will see patients at any hospital in Lincoln.

Intervention nurses assess the patient for a possible substance use or addiction issue and make a recommendation to both the patient and the attending physician. Outcomes are more positive for the patient when substance abuse or dependency issues are identified and treated as another aspect of the overall medical care the patient is already receiving.

For Criminal Justice System

For Criminal Justice System

Bryan Independence Center has a long history of working with clients involved in various stages of the criminal justice system.

We work with referrals from both juvenile and adult probation and parole officers. We can provide on-site urinalysis in the hospital laboratory. We also understand the importance of maintaining referral source contact by providing regular updates for these clients.

We have several staff members who are on the registered providers list to accept voucher clients for evaluations various levels of care.

Juvenile Drug Court Program

The Lancaster County Juvenile Drug Court (JDC) program is a court-supervised comprehensive treatment program for non-violent offenders and their families. Bryan Independence Center works with other agencies on the JDC team that share the common purpose of helping participants successfully complete the program with the goal of remaining drug/alcohol free and free of violations of the law.

Participants in JDC are offered access to intensive treatment at the Independence Center that will include drug testing, individual/group/family counseling, and regular attendance at 12-step support group meetings such as AA/NA or a comparable program. Parents and guardians will be involved throughout the treatment process beginning with the evaluation process. Parents and guardians are expected to attend family sessions, family workshop and parent support groups.

The JDC treatment track is a four-phase, highly-structured, treatment program lasting for an average of nine to 12 months. The length of the program, and the time spent in individual phases, will depend upon the level of participation and the individual progress of each youth.

Each phase consists of specified treatment objectives and rehabilitative activities. In order to advance in each phase, participants must demonstrate advancement criteria such as: progress towards abstinence, active attendance in treatment, 12-step meeting attendance, continued progress toward meeting community service obligations, completion of life skills training, and progress on treatment goals. Upon completion of Phase IV, participants are eligible for graduation from the JDC program. A ceremony and graduation certificate are part of the culmination of this process.

For Employers

For Employers

Bryan Independence Center has a long history of working with clients who are referred by Employee Assistance Programs (EAP).

We work with referrals who are either employees or dependents of EAPs from many businesses in Lincoln and Omaha. We provide on-site urinalysis in the hospital laboratory, and this has been valued by employers/work-sites that require this as part of the treatment process.

We also understand the importance of maintaining referral source contact by providing regular updates for these clients to include details such as progress updates, treatment plan focus, and ability to return to work.

If you would like to refer someone for evaluation, discuss specific programs, or ask about education for employees, please call the Independence Center at 402-481-5268 or 800-742-7845, ext. 15268.

Professional Seminars and Workshops

Professional Seminars and Workshops

Four to six times per year we sponsor training specific to the development of substance abuse professionals.

Typically, these are offered as three-hour CEU opportunities toward continued licensure as a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor in the state of Nebraska. These trainings are offered free-of-charge to other community providers or professionals seeking to become more competent and holistic in their work with substance abusing clients.

We purposefully offer trainings on subject matter that causes us to think outside of the box and prepare participants to meet the eclectic needs presented by our clients. Recent topics have included eating disorders, group techniques and trauma assessment.

Student Internships

Student Internships

Bryan Independence Center promotes the educational development of students in our community who are interested in increasing their competencies in working with clients in a substance abuse setting. It is part of our philosophy to give back to the community by helping to train competent counselors and addiction staff members.

Our staff includes licensed alcohol and drug counselors and licensed mental health counselors. Each semester we offer supervision and training to students seeking a practicum placement site; your practicum will need to be part of your school program. Please call the clinical manager at 402-481-5318 if you are interested in applying for a counseling internship at Bryan Independence Center.

Collaboration with Schools and Programs

Collaboration with Schools and Programs

Bryan Independence Center offers clinical opportunities to Southeast Community College Lincoln Human Services students interested in pursuing alcohol and drug counselor licensure. Students spend 13 weeks working alongside experienced mental health technicians and registered nurses in the therapeutic environment, learning to be an active part of the treatment team.

Nursing students from Bryan College of Health Sciences and Union College receive a six-hour workshop to introduce students to the basics of the disease of addiction and treatment. Presenters include Bryan Independence Center nurses and counselors.

Bryan College of Health Sciences students also may request time for a more individual in-depth clinical experience with a Bryan Independence Center RN preceptor or one of the intervention nurses.

We Welcome the Opportunity to Work With You

Please call the Bryan Independence Center at 402-481-5268.

Confidential information and crisis assistance is available 24-hours a day.

Walk-In Evaluations Available

Thursdays, 8 a.m.-noon

To offer quicker access to care, the Bryan Independence Center now provides walk-in alcohol and drug evaluations.

Learn More

To get an evaluation, you don’t need to be certain that alcohol or drugs are a problem. The purpose is to determine next steps, or determine if help would be beneficial.


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