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Philosophy and Goals

Helping families begin and maintain recovery

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The mission of Bryan Independence Center is to help individuals and their families begin and maintain their recovery from the effects of alcohol and other drug abuse or dependence.

Program Goals

Goals for our clients and their families:

  • Abstinence from all mood-altering substances
  • Introduction and commitment to a life-long program of recovery
  • Involvement of the family in the recovery process
  • Learn and integrate new ways of: identifying and expressing feelings, developing healthy interactions with others, structuring time and sober recreation, and learning new skills to manage stress and/or boredom
  • Knowledge of substance abuse and dependency

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

It is the philosophy of Bryan Independence Center that alcohol and other drug dependency represent a primary, chronic, progressive and potentially fatal illness, which can be disruptive to the total person. Alcohol and other drug dependency is a treatable disease, and a disease that may accentuate symptoms of other conditions. 

As the illness progresses, it becomes more and more disruptive to the individual's interpersonal relationships, work, mental health, physical health and spiritual well-being. Instead of developing and using a normal range of coping skills to deal with the realities of living, people with addictions repeatedly turn to a mood-changing substance to get relief. Addiction exists when chemicals are used even when their use results in repeated problems. This disease has no cure, but its progress can be stopped and people can recover to live rich and fulfilling lives. We believe that for the chemically dependent person, chemical abstinence is the best goal.

Chemical dependency (dependency of any mood altering drugs including alcohol) is a family disease, which can impair the mental, physical and emotional health of all family members. It is important for families and friends to be involved in the treatment and recovery process. Involvement of the employer may also be an important factor in treatment. Healthy support at home, at work and in the community are important factors associated with recovery.

Program Objectives

Program Objectives

The objective for our clients:

  • Attend individual, group and family sessions as scheduled
  • Attend educational sessions as scheduled
  • Attend outside support group meetings at the direction of the primary counselor
  • Complete 12-Step assignments at the direction of the primary counselor
  • Complete individualized treatment plan objectives at the direction of the primary counselor
  • Improved ability to function socially within established cultural guidelines
  • Reduced incidence of relapse
  • Improved physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health

Sample Individualized Clinical Goals

Sample Individualized Clinical Goals

  • Develop a commitment to daily abstinence from all mood-altering substances unless under well-informed physician care and direction
  • Begin an in-depth study into how unmanageable alcohol and/or drugs can be in the person's life
  • Seek an awareness and ownership of the "out-of-control" nature of their alcohol and/or drug use
  • Help client confront and give up the rigid denial, minimization and rationalizations that perpetuate their continued use of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Assist client to begin the healing process and work through the shame and guilt associated with their past use of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Help client address relationship, intimacy and feelings issues
  • Help client develop healthy time structuring activities and social support systems designed to protect them from relapse
  • Help client define or develop a sense of "meaning and purpose" in life that will be stronger than the desire to drink or use drugs
  • Assist client in identifying a Higher Power and learning to communicate with that Higher Power
  • Teach and model how to rely on other people and our Higher Power rather than on oneself
  • Assist client to increase motivation and commitment to recovery through active involvement in service

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