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Support Groups

Join Our Support Group Today

Meets every Thursday, 6-7 p.m. at the Bryan Independence Center.

Free to attend, no registration required.

Call 402-481-5268 for more information.

Confidential information and crisis assistance is available 24-hours a day.

At Bryan Independence Center, we are based on a 12-step model of recovery. We encourage all clients involved in our services to attend weekly support groups in Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or other 12-step meetings.

In the residential programs, we attend 12-step meetings as part of our scheduled programming. Clients are encouraged to find a temporary or permanent sponsor during their time in treatment. Clients who come to treatment who already have a sponsor are asked to involve their sponsor in their treatment process.

We also have a workshop specifically for parents and guardians whose adolescents are experiencing substance abuse and addiction issues. You do not need to be involved with services at the Bryan Independence Center to attend. The group is available to all parents in the community free of charge. No registration is necessary.


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