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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bryan Independence Center and how is this service connected to Bryan Medical Center?

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Bryan Independence Center is a department within Bryan Medical Center and is located at Bryan West Campus. Bryan Independence Center specializes in addressing issues of alcohol and/or drug use, and offers the following services: Detox, Inpatient, Short-term Residential (STR), Day Treatment/Partial Care (PC), Intensive Outpatient (IOP), and Outpatient (OP).

Clients admitted to Bryan Independence Center are Bryan Medical Center patients.

What is the history of Bryan Independence Center?

See Our History

What is the mission of Bryan Independence Center?

The mission of Bryan Independence Center is to help individuals and their families begin and maintain their recovery from the effects of alcohol and other drug use.

Why does Bryan Health continue to offer Bryan Independence Center? Is this an appropriate service for an acute care medical center to offer?

Nationwide and in our community, substance use continues to be both a primary and secondary reason why people ultimately need acute medical care. By treating substance use, we are actually preventing future medical problems. In addition, this service truly highlights our mission to provide high quality, compassionate care. Substance use impacts not only the individual but also the family and the community; with "integrity" as the foundation of the Bryan Health beliefs, a better question would be how could we not continue the work of the Independence Center?

What do Bryan Independence Center clients have in common?

The common denominator is that they are all diagnosed with either substance use or substance disorder. Over 50 percent of our clients have another diagnosis in the realm of mental health. Poly-substance use (dependence on more than one drug) is also common. Most clients are employed or in school but are experiencing difficulties in these areas. Almost all of our clients have past and current family issues, typically related to the client's substance use issues. All of our clients are experiencing difficulty with relationships and time structuring. Many clients have issues from their past that continue to interfere with leading a substance-free lifestyle.

What is the demographic data for the population of clients served?

We serve adolescents and adults, males and females. Most of our adolescents are in the 16 to 18 year old age range, and represent just over a quarter of our clientele. Although the ages of our adults vary, they tend to cluster in the mid-30 to mid-40's age range. The vast majority of our clientele come from southeastern Nebraska, including the Omaha metropolitan area. Approximately 25 percent of our clients come from outside Lancaster County. We also serve many military personnel and their families.

What is the process by which someone is admitted to Bryan Independence Center?

Most individuals seeking treatment are referred following a drug and alcohol evaluation by a licensed professional to assess and diagnose substance use. We do evaluations here at Bryan Independence Center, but we also have them forwarded to us from other providers. These evaluations are used to determine whether the potential client has a diagnosable issue with alcohol and/or drugs, and if so, then to determine the least restrictive treatment intervention appropriate.

Once we have the clinical information necessary to justify an admission, we then need to verify the client's insurance benefits. Additionally, we almost always have to call the insurance company to see if they will authorize the admission, based on their particular set of medical necessity criteria.

The "necessary evil" of verifying benefits and obtaining authorization from the managed care company can slow down the admission process. We are committed to jumping through these hoops as quickly as possible. Most clients seeking treatment want to be sure their insurance company is authorizing the admission and payment and are therefore willing to wait for this process to take place.

What are the various levels of care offered at Bryan Independence Center?

See Levels of Care

Does Bryan Independence Center offer any aftercare services?

See Recovery Resources

What are the various drugs of abuse that Bryan Independence Center sees as prevalent in our community?

The two top drugs of use have remained the leaders for well over 30 years: alcohol and marijuana.

Also prevalent are: methamphetamine, cocaine, crack, stimulants (Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta), opiates both obtained legally and illegally (Hydrocodone, OxyContin, codeine), huffing solvents, ecstasy, over-the-counter medications (dextromethorphan, Coricidin, Dramamine) and benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanax, Klonopin).

What is the typical length of stay in residential treatment at Bryan Independence Center?

Our length of stay varies depending on each individual's identified needs and issues. The length of stay also is dependent on the clients' motivation to work through the identified issues. The length of stay averages three to four weeks.

How does Bryan Independence Center help clients transition back into school, to work and with their family?

We know and understand that the easiest time our clients have in the recovery process is when they are actively and intensely involved in our services. The difficulties become more prominent as clients transition back into their previous employment, school and/or family settings. We begin discharge planning upon admission during the assessment process and continue the discharge planning throughout care. We make every effort to involve the family to support the discharge plans.

Clients often are asked to role-play and plan for the experiences they will face in relationships, at school and/or in employment. With the client's permission, counselors make contact with school counselors, teachers and with employment supervisors in an effort to plan for support around the client during these difficult transition phases.

How are a client's family members and loved ones included in the treatment process?

See For Families and Friends

What is the relationship between Bryan Independence Center and the criminal justice system?

Many of our clients are motivated to enter treatment with encouragement from the criminal justice system. The reasons vary but include: probation, parole, drug court, diversion, upcoming court appearances, etc. Our goal is to include the primary criminal justice referral source in the assessment, treatment planning, and discharge planning processes.

Does Bryan Independence Center provide services to those patients who are hospitalized somewhere else in Bryan Medical Center for a different medical condition?

Bryan Independence Center utilizes designated "intervention nurses" who specialize in assessing patients for chemical use to respond to physicians' consultation orders to screen and evaluate hospitalized patients for potential alcohol and/or drug use problems. These nurses are skilled at interviewing, diagnosing and recommending referral options for those patients suspected of complicating their medical condition with alcohol and/or drug problems.

Currently, our intervention nurses respond to physician orders for consultations from Bryan West Campus, Bryan East Campus, Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, CHI St. Elizabeth's Regional Medical Center and Nebraska Heart Institute.

Why is insurance verification and/or down payment required for this service when this is not the case for other Bryan Medical Center services?

See Cost and Financing


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