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Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Bryan Independence Center

Is Alcohol or Drugs Taking Over Your Life?

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Addiction is not pretty, it's not picky, and the impact is devastating - but addiction is treatable!

It affects people of all ages, races, levels of education, employment and social status. Whether a person hits bottom at Yale or in jail; whether they find the end of the line on Park Avenue or on a park bench, it's all the same.

Various cultures and ethnic groups may differ in their drug preferences, but chemical dependence is similar for all. A child may become dependent on the high from an inhalant while his well-educated great grandmother finds herself destructively dependent on prescribed medications. A poor person may find a high in a $5 rock of cocaine while a wealthy celebrity is literally blowing tens of thousands of dollars in one night on a cocktail of multiple drugs.

No matter what the drug or the situation, substance dependence is an equal opportunity destroyer.

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