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Art Gallery

Healing through visual arts

The Bryan Medical Center Art Gallery promotes healing, enhances quality of life and reaffirms the human spirit through the visual arts. We invite you to stop by and view the unique and beautiful artwork created by local artists.

Located on the first floor of Bryan East Campus, the Art Gallery showcases a renowned artist each month. Displayed artwork is available for sale.

February Artist - Pamela Newell

nature stained glass works

Pam Newell

Pam Newell’s passion is to create glass designs with visual depth, strong color and texture that celebrate nature through the unique character of glass. She finds inspiration from the four seasons and its impact on landscapes and animal habitats.

She creates layers of glass, one layer at a time, using various techniques to manipulate glass powder. Each layer is kiln fired before the next is added, which is done to achieve depth, color development and texture. A typical piece will go through four to five layers and kiln firings before completion.  

Using a combination of these unique layering and texturizing techniques, developed over her 27 years of experience, Pam’s initial sketches are transformed into eye catching, realistic designs that pull you into the picture. 

Her love for nature is well rooted, growing up in Seattle, Washington with all the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. She currently lives on 20 acres near Schramm Park, in Nebraska.


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