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Better Health Starts With Why 

Everyone has a different story and different reasons for choosing to make healthy choices.

"Because it runs in my family." 
"Because I'm her biggest fan."
"Because she said yes."

What's Your Why?

In sharing your story, you're inspiring others to find their why.

Share Your Why
See others' why in the comments and videos below. 

Because it will help me age more gracefully!!


Why...because I never want to say "I wish I would have... again." I have heard way too many times "I wish I would have" the vaccine, stopped smoking, quit drinking, etc. I do not want that to be the words of wisdom that I share with my children or grandchildren. I do say those words to others every October when I remind all my friends, family and associates why it is important to get their mammogram. I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer after going several years without a mammogram. I had a choice. Today I feel blessed and I learned a valuable lesson before it was too late. Why...because I have a choice!


My why is because I'm growing another human being and having a healthy baby is my number 1 priority!


Because I want to be a part of helping educate the next generation of registered nurses so they can enter the workforce prepared to care for a diverse clientele.


My WHY is so I can be the best wife to my husband and mother to my daughter. They deserve for me to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be. I know when I take care of myself by fueling my body with healthy foods, getting some kind of movement in each day, managing my stress and emotions I am a happier, more joyful person. I also have more energy to spend playing with my daughter and giving her all the love and attention she deserves.


Good physical and mental health is equally important for a lot of reasons. How to accomplish? Exercise, limiting certain foods, saying "no" and taking care of yourself. Moderation is the key. I look forward to future travels and spending more time with my husband and 3 grandchildren. As Pitbull says, "everyday above ground is a great day, remember that..........


Good health is a blessing and each day a gift. I want to honor both by feeling the best I can so I can do what I am called to do and be there for those that I get to have in my life. Also, life is hard enough sometimes!!--I am better able to handle things when I'm feeling my best spiritually (Jesus), mentally and physically.


I strive to stay healthy so I will be alive and well to see my grandchildren graduate and get married someday. Unfortunately my parents did not live healthy life styles and my kids were deprived of their grandparents seeing them achieve those big milestones. I want to be there for all 4 of my precious gifts from God!!!!!


Keeping a healthy body and mind are extremely important to living life to the fullest. For me its about keeping up with my two boys and my career as a Licensed Massage Therapist where I help encourage my clients toward selfcare and wellness everyday.


My why is my family. They are the reason I live my life and why I need to be healthy. I want to be there for them as long as possible.


My family is my world. Not only do I want to be able to enjoy my time with them, I feel a responsibility to/for them. I want to be able to lead and show them the way to making the world a better place. We often forget our smallest acts may be the ones that are most important to someone else. Taking care of ourselves is the first step to caring for others.


I have always had jobs where I help people or serve my community. Briefly I was an EMT in my early 20's. After 17 years of working public safety, I recently made the decision to come back into the medical field. No matter what my day brings I know that in some small way I am helping the patients and the staff that I work with.


My mother has lupus, which causes her antibodies to attack her lungs, so I want to ensure that I can spend as much time with her and protect her and my dad.


My kids. My first born struggled with RSV early in his life. He has Down Syndrome, which comes with low muscle tone, which made it harder for him to cough and get the fluid out of his lungs. We spent a week in ICU here at Bryan, and I have every intention of protecting him and my other kids from ever having to go through what he did.


Watching my grandmother die of covid complications before the vaccine was available was heartbreaking. I did this for her and everyone else's loved ones who weren't able to get vaccinated.


I'm worth it, just like every other individual. It is important to be healthy so we enjoy our time with family & friends, as well as positively contributing to our work, community, and state.


My father is immunocompromised and also one of my favorite people. Working in a high risk environment I want to protect myself so I can continue to see and protect him from contracting a virus that may cause extreme illness or death


To be active an involves more in my now 18 month old baby sports and school activities down the road .


To be a healthy example for my friends, family and children. I have been given too many beautiful gifts in this life to simply throw them away by making careless choices.


To make as many memories with my family as possible. To tell them I love them every day. To kiss and hug grand children.


Because i dont want to be an statistic. I dont want to live a life in pain. If i take care of me, I am able to take care of my kids.


For the love of my family, I want to stay healthy and be together for as long as possible.


I want to have a conversation with my grand child.


Because I want to LIVE -- not just exist!


So I can go on many lifetime adventures (both big and small) with my husband and son.


Because my family is everything to me, and if I can't take care of myself, then I can't be here to take care of them. I want to fully enjoy my time with them, and not worry about what I could be doing that may put them in a rough spot.


For my children!


I want to watch my grandchildren grow up and be part of there life!


For my future children


Because I want to enjoy the journey feeling good!


My grandchildren. I want to be healthy and active so I can play with them, attend their activities and be here for them for a long time.


I am stiff and sore if I don't keep moving. I want to be able to play on the floor, and be active with my grandchildren. I want to be healthy for retirement!


To be the healthiest GiGi for JP (John Phillip), our first grandchild!


I want to be able to see my daughters get married and be able to see future grandkids.


Because I want to be there for my family and friends who depend on me.


My biggest why is my family! My parents and grandparents passed at an earlier age and I am NOT going to follow suit. I want to be around for years to come and enjoy playing with my grandkids, etc. I want to LIVE for and with my family!


I want to go on adventures and get the most out of life! Being healthy allows me to do just that. It also sets a great example for my children.


to be able to care for others whether they are family, friends, or strangers.


My why is because I want to be able to do physical activities with my nieces and I want to be around for many of their years.


Because it sucks to be sick


Even though I think I can, I can't do what I used to. Time to get some of it back :)


Because I feel better mentally and physically when I stay active.


There is this wonderful young man that calls me Mom.


Because an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.


I choose to be proactive and make healthy choices because of my family's health history.


Because I want to be there for my children and watch them grow.



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