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For your heart and vascular care, turn to the region's leading experts in cardiology, cardiothoracic & vascular surgery

keith miller md

On the Road to a Healthy Heart: Dr. Miller Takes His Own Advice 

Hey! It's me, Dr. Miller. As a Bryan Heart cardiologist and middle-aged man, I've realized I'm not immune to the disease I treat every day. Follow along as I take steps to better my heart health and even run my first half marathon!

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To schedule an appointment with Bryan Heart specialists call:

Cardiology – 402-483-3333

Cardiothoracic Surgery – 402-483-3255

Vascular Surgery – 402-481-8500

Your heart is an amazing muscle that works with your circulatory (vascular) system to give you life. So when you experience heart or vascular problems, it’s no small decision on where to turn for expert care to restore, maintain and improve your life.

At Bryan Heart, you’ll find a team of highly skilled board certified doctors including cardiologists, cardiothoracic and vascular surgeons, and additional specialists dedicated to diagnoses and treatment of the range of conditions that can affect your heart and vascular system.

A team that works relentlessly to provide the best care to you and your family.

Trust Bryan Heart

  • Early detection screenings to help you find conditions before they become serious
  • Intervention procedures to correct your condition and stop it from getting worse
  • Advanced and proven treatments to you and our region – together Bryan Heart and Bryan Medical Center provide leading edge, quality care
  • National clinical research trials offering you treatments otherwise not available
  • Outreach clinics to over 30 communities across Nebraska and the Midwest to make advanced, skilled care convenient for all
  • Specialized care and follow-up clinics to help you regain your health

Together, teams at Bryan Heart and Bryan Medical Center provide the region’s leading treatments for many heart problems and vascular diseases.

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Bryan Offers the Region's Most Advanced Heart Imaging Technology


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