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The New Merrick Medical Center Campaign

Building on Excellence to Create Healthier Lives

The time has come. To re-envision care, expand our services and create a better tomorrow for our patients, families and community.

And the time is now.

Merrick Medical Center is embarking on an exciting transformational journey to create a completely new $20-million, 42,000-square-foot-facility. The design will fully integrate health and wellness, create a healthy environment that improves the patient experience and efficiency for staff, and ensures sustainable facility inspired by its natural surroundings.

new merrick medical center rendering

Key Benefits to Our Community

  • A new, welcoming clinic environment with the flexibility to add new services for the changing needs of our population
  • Closely aligned rehab and fitness to promote maintaining healthy lifestyles
  • Wellness and lifestyle coaching to prevent as well as manage chronic disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.
  • Innovative technology to connect patients to life care and specialty services
  • A community gathering place for fellowship, healthy dining and nutritional education

A new medical center will make our commitment to creating healthier lives easier to achieve. But it can’t happen without your support.

dinsdale familyMerrick Medical Center Announces Future Site and Naming of New Medical Facility

Merrick Medical Center is one step closer to achieving its vision of building a brand new medical center in Central City.

Today, the hospital received possession of 22.4 acres of land from the Dinsdale family on which the new medical facility will be located. The property, located at the intersection of 15th Road and 28th Street, will be known as the Dinsdale Health Campus.

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Capital Campaign: Raising $5 Million to Make the New Merrick Medical Center a Reality

  • Construction of a new medical center design and construction estimate: $20 million
  • Maximum debt financing guaranteed by Bryan Health: $15 million
  • Capital campaign/philanthropic support: $5 million
  • Philanthropic support to date: $3.6 million
  • Remaining philanthropic need: $1.4 million

merrick medical center new hospital arial layout

We Need You

You have the opportunity to be a driving force in what will be a transformation of health care and wellness in Central City and Merrick County. Successful rural care requires local support – in spirit and financial commitment. In order to break ground, we must secure at least $5 million in philanthropic support.

Help us Build a Better Tomorrow

Your gifts matter. There are several ways you can get involved in helping us build on excellence to create healthier lives.


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