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This Program Changed My Life: Chelsey's Experience

“This program changed my life. Not only have I lost weight but more importantly, I have increased my energy, self-confidence and my entire outlook on food. My mood has improved and this program has given me the tools to deal with stress, life’s obstacles, and living a healthy life.” 


I Transformed My Mind: Amanda's Experience

“I learned a lot about food and how it affects the body. It’s amazing how certain foods are unlimited and filling. I also enjoyed transforming the mind. Steph is understanding, knows the struggles but helps find ways through them. I felt comfortable talking and not being judged. It is amazing what you can truly accomplish when you have the correct mindset!”


Yes to Your Best: 90 Day Transformation

How would you like to say “goodbye” to those old habits that are holding you back and “hello” to a healthier new version of you? If you struggle with fatigue, weight gain or simply that feeling that you’re not living your best life - this program may be for you!

In 13 weeks you'll:

  • Set meaningful goals
  • Clear the clutter from your life
  • Ditch the “diet mentality”
  • Increase your energy
  • Manage stress
  • Get high-quality sleep
  • Select nutritious, delicious foods
  • Find the joy in exercise
  • Avoid self-sabotage and limiting beliefs

How does the program work?

  1. First we start off by setting goals; focusing on what you really want for your body, health and life.
  2. Then we perform a series of baseline assessments, allowing us to track your progress over the 90 days. This may include a body mass assessment, lab work, vitals, weight, measurements and photos.
  3. Next comes the fun part…the coaching! We will meet once a week for a 45-minute, private coaching session. In 13 weeks we will focus on setting weekly goals, overcoming challenges, celebrating success and sharing lots of new perspectives and information. We will work together to create or reclaim the body, confidence and life that your truly deserve.

Making Health a Priority: Tere's Experience

“Through the wellness program, I have learned there is so much more to life long wellness than counting calories. I am now planning meals, using stress relieving strategies and making exercise a regular part of my life. I learned to make my health a priority. Without Steph’s enthusiasm and passion for each component of the program, I may not have stayed with it. She is real, sincere, caring and organized. Each week’s session was well prepared and well presented. It’s a great program.”

- Tere

How much does the program cost?

Our goal at Crete Area Medical Center is to be your partner in health and we want this program to be assessable to everyone. The investment for the entire 90-day program is only $300. Crete Area Medical Center employees and patients are eligible for a $100 discount, making the cost $200. Even better, when you reach your goal, we refund $100! We hope this gives you incentive to work hard and ultimately achieve your goals.

Ready to start your transformation?

Contact Stephanie Roth to enroll or to learn more.
Phone: 402-826-7915

stephanie roth

Stephanie Roth, Wellness Coach

I may be a familiar face to some! I have been a Radiology tech for over 21 years at Crete Area Medical Center.

My favorite part of the job has always been working with patients. I love making connections with people, helping out and hopefully brightening their day. A few years ago, I felt a calling to do something more with my life and in 2017 I went back to school. In March of 2018, I transitioned into my current role as Wellness Coach and have loved every minute of it! My mission is to convince clients that permanent change is possible and to help them say “yes” to their best life. What a privilege it has been to walk beside them every step of the way and celebrate their success.


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