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Rubab F. Husain

Rubab F. Husain, MBBS

Proud member of Bryan Health Connect

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Family Practice

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My Approach to Care

What’s great about being a family medicine doctor is delivering babies and watching them grow, caring for young adults, as well as adults and elderly patients and listening to their stories. I’m passionate about women’s health, and empowering women. I’m also passionate about wellness and maintaining good health.

My patient-doctor relationship is based on understanding and honesty. I’ll be honest with my patients about their disease process and treatment. It’s very important to me to be honest and respectful with all my patients.

I also provide aesthetic medicine – such as medical Botox for migraines and a medical skin care line to improve the way my patients look and feel.

I like to focus on the whole person, and all aspects of their health and wellness.


Education & Training

Medical School

Rawaldpindi Medical College


University of Nebraska Medical Center

Board Certifications

  • American Board of Family Medicine


  • English
  • Urdu

Patient Reviews

December 21, 2020
The physicians and staff at Southeast Lincoln Family Medicine have always been exemplary. I'm pleased my family has such a great group of health care providers to rely upon for our health.
December 11, 2020
With Covid all office precautions went very well and my Physician and staff were thorough, interested in my thoughts on my health and were caring.
November 25, 2020
She's an excellent doctor. She's very caring, very thorough listens and is just she's the best I highly recommend her to anybody and everybody.
November 16, 2020
Dr. Husain, does a very good job. I'm very happy with her as my doctor, and I really like the nurses that are there as well. Chelsea was very helpful.
November 12, 2020
Were able to give me shot I need as I waited in vehicle so I didn't have to go inside because of covid concerns. Very easy and flexible. Love my Dr and nurses here,!
November 11, 2020
The wait time was a bit excessive. I was in the examination room for 30 minutes before seen. This is frustrating when I have a job and cannot allocate an hour and 15 minutes from start to finish for a routine exam. I would ask for focus to be placed on appointments starting on time more accurately. Maybe more time needs to be allotted for appointments in case someone runs longer than expected.
November 06, 2020
I just wanted to say that I really appreciated being able to get an appointment (INAUDIBLE) really quickly and without any hassle. Thanks.
November 06, 2020
Dr. Husain is the best doctor I have ever met. She really cares about her patients and it means the world to me especially with a newborn.
November 06, 2020
Both Drs Bohart and Hassan are great. And PA Kimberly as well.
October 23, 2020
I was sent to the lab but was not told if I was able to leave when done or if I was to return to the room. Little confusing. Asked a nurse who was not involved in my visit and she said I will.check on that and never had return, so I left.
October 21, 2020
Dr Hamann is a great physician. As a physician myself, I trust her to take care of my health, and she does.
October 20, 2020
Dr. Husain has such a genuineness and makes me feel comfortable in her presence.
October 07, 2020
The nurse I saw for my Medicare Wellness check was exceptionally friendly and very professional
September 30, 2020
This was my 1st visit with Dr Husain. The RN who talked with me about my health before Dr Husain came in was able to pull up my MyChart account from my CHI Dr in LaVista. This made my transition to a Lincoln Dr go a lot smother for me. Now I know that my health records will be correct.
September 23, 2020
Dr. Rubab Husain is the best family practitioner around. I have referred persons to her practice because she is a caring, attentive, and most reliable provider around. I would not trust my care to anyone but Dr. Husain.
September 22, 2020
Dr. Husain is great, personable, and is easy to talk to because she listens and she knows what she is doing.
September 09, 2020
It was an evening appointment and not many people there but we still waited a very long time just to get called back. Once in the room it was fairly quick
September 09, 2020
I was very happy with the staff and Dr. I would definitely go to see her again!
September 08, 2020
Everything went smoothly. I didn't feel rushed yet I wasn't there FOREVER...perfect.
August 27, 2020
Dr. Rubab Husain was very pleasant and caring. I had a great experience.
August 24, 2020
I have been very satisfied with my care with this provider for years. I would highly recommend her. She makes going to the doctor okay. Thank you.
August 10, 2020
Obviously a new, beautiful building, a little disorganized with the recent move and lots of wait time for my blood draw the following morning after fasting. Sounds like more help is needed, which is a good thing. I really like Dr. Husain
July 15, 2020
Dr. Husain should be praised more for the best care she has given to not only me, but also to several of my co workers who happened to have her as a provider and nothing but amazing things to say about her. She is a real down to earth caring and open minded physician that only wants the best for her patients new and established. Please give her more recognition and even a raise or bonus if possible because there aren't many personable doctors like Dr. Husain. She is an asset to Bryan Health Care and Southeast Lincoln Family Medicine.
July 13, 2020
I really liked the way they handled the visit with regard to safely getting me in and out re: covid. Everyone was very pleasant and all wore masks.
July 01, 2020
I felt the experience was unprofessional. The RN basically threw the MD under the bus saying she's always late in the mornings because she doesn't come in on time. I was the 2nd patient of the day and when I arrived she hadn't even begun with her 1st patient according to the RN. I waited for 30 min in the room being her 2nd patient. It was unprofessional of the RN to say to me, but I did appreciate the candor and knowing why she's always running late. She never does apologize for being late. I do appreciate once she is in the room she doesn't make me feel rushed even though she's running behind. She did not know my med hx in terms of past conditions to follow up with and she recommended a prescription i'm already taking. A simple chart review prior to entering the room would have made me feel like I was taken care of. She also assumes what I am going to say and I have to correct her on my actual s/s. When I did this, she had to redo her exam of my nose, ears, and throat to "really look at it". So was it not looked at properly the first time? The RN asked to observe my gynecology exam after demonstrating unprofessional behavior such as discussing his grievances about the MD and when I asked about his NP program he complained and stated how much of a joke it was. I have earned my clinical doctorate degree and take the medical profession very serious - someone who does not demonstrate professionalism will not be allowed to observe my body for science. He also asked before the doctor asked - it would have been more appropriate for the MD to ask me first for consent. Furthermore, he can observe that on his clinical rotations, not while on duty as an RN.
June 22, 2020
I was grateful Dr. Husain was able to see me on such short notice. She conducted tests, shared them with me during the visit, and provided some prescriptions to get me some immediate relief from my symptoms. She also said she would be conducting further analysis of my labs and get in touch with me when they were available. She asked me to return in two weeks to submit an additional lab specimen. I felt very valued and listened to before, during, and after this visit by Dr. Husain and her nurse. The only glitch was that when I originally called the front desk asking if it was possible to see "Dr. Husain or another doctor today" I was transferred to Dr. Husain's nurse's voicemail. The voicemail indicated that if I was wanting a same day appointment I should call the front desk. I hung up and called the front desk a second time explaining my situation and the new person who answered was extremely helpful and apologized for the error. So, a small issue in all and it was handled well. I am fairly new to this practice and am very pleased with the staff and medical providers! Thank you!
June 22, 2020
Fast excellent service
June 15, 2020
Dr. Husain is a great physician. You can trust her.
May 20, 2020
Always a professional experience. Their vigilance for safety during this pandemic is exceptional. Safety for their patients is high on their list!
May 18, 2020
She listened to my concerns and answered my questions.
May 06, 2020
The front desk staff didn't seem to be so overwhelmed this time, which was nice. Also, the person who drew my blood was very personable. I have not experienced that in this office before. Very nice!
April 21, 2020
My previous doctor is closing her practice. I was looking for a new doctor. After my visit with Dr. Husain, I new I had found my new doctor!
April 17, 2020
Whole staff is awesome! Dr Husain always kind, considerate, compassionate. Blessing to have her at BPN!
April 15, 2020
Dr. Bohart is my regular provider, but was unavailable. Dr. Husain saw me and I was very satisfied.
April 15, 2020
My doctor is retiring after 40 years. He's also been a personal friend for 40 years. I was very concerned that I wouldn't find a doctor that I could relate to or that would understand. I am so impressed with Dr. Husain. I am just I am absolutely thrilled and I would give her an 11 on the score over 10 wonderful experience . She is professional and she listens and I just can't my first experience with her and I'm of course going back. I just can't say enough nice things about the doctor. She is I think that we are going to have a great medical relationship.
March 25, 2020
I had a wonderful experience seeing my PCP.
February 28, 2020
Thank you very much she is good doctor
February 22, 2020
Dr. Husain is marvelous, I'm so lucky to have found her. She takes time to listen and is super supportive.
February 22, 2020
Dr. Husain is so very kind. I don't like doctor visits but she puts me at ease and is very caring and easy to talk to.
February 14, 2020
I prechecked in and yet was asked many of the same questions y the office person.
January 29, 2020
Dr.Husain has been my doctor since I moved to Lincoln 8 years ago. I have multiple health problems and she has been wonderful in providing care and advice. When needed, she has done a good job of referring for more help.
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