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Chelsie Sutton

Chelsie Sutton, PMHNP-BC

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December 05, 2018
I am very very disappointed in the system, or lack thereof, Bryan Health has set up for psych patients. When I was brought in, I was seen by a very young Nurse Practioner who asked me some questions, gave me an 18 question check list to fill out and was ready to write me a script for any stimulant, antidepressant or blood-pressure medication I wanted. It was my choice. THIS is a problem. She could not diagnose me with anything, but yet could order a script for a very powerful, addictive drug in minutes. I am very disappointed and unimpressed. I am also very interested as to why there is not a Psychologist or Therapist in this office. Every professional I was given from this office was a vague name and phone number for me to call on my own, if I would like. Wouldn't Bryan Health like to keep that business in-house? This system has me baffled and saddened.
September 13, 2018
She was very easy to talk to and I'm hoping to get some answers and to get on the right track to feeling better and feeling like myself to get on top of what's been bothering me.
September 06, 2018
I felt that Chelsie was very knowledgeable and aware, also empathetic. But it also seemed that she was focused on obtaining and writing down as much information as possible in a relatively short period of time. I would have preferred a more relaxed approach.
August 20, 2018
Chelsie was very compassionate and caring. She explained all my options to me and allowed me to make the choice. I also contacted her the next day due to a problem I was having and she got back to me within a couple of hours. I would recommend her to anyone.
August 13, 2018
I felt like this provided knew about what she was talking about, offer good information, and took the time to understand my situation before making her recommendation.
August 08, 2018
She was very nice, sweet. She actually thoroughly went through everything with me. Helped me understand. I even asked her questions that were not related to the visit and she was able to answer them thoroughly. And when I didn't understand something, she would back up until I did understand. Overall, awesome doctor. She's really great.
July 10, 2018
I would just like to say I thought you…the whole staff did great and thank you for getting me in fast and really taking a look at what was going on with me and asking more questions and follow up questions on top of that. Thank you and I will see you again at the end of the month.
July 05, 2018
Yeah, I really felt like theâ?¦like Chelsie listened to me. I felt like she gave me good feedback, and she even told me kind of how the medicines affect different things, as far as like heartbeat and different more technical things that I didnâ??t quite understand. So that was really helpful to me as well...understanding how medications might interact with each other, with some different things that I may be potentially taking in the future. So, yeah I really had a great visit, great experience...definitely would recommend her. Thanks. Bye bye.
June 19, 2018
Its was great!
June 14, 2018
Although it was my first visit she really listened and assured me that there were other options if the medications we were trying did not work.
June 13, 2018
Mental health is not just about taking medications. Treatment needs to be a holeistic approach.
May 29, 2018
Chelsie is very personable, she makes the patient feel very comfortable, she takes the time to listen and she's open to sharing what the patient has to say.
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