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Physician Office Name

4 Providers Advanced Radiology
4 Providers Advanced Radiology Lincoln
1 Provider Aesthetic Surgical Arts
3 Providers Alivation Health
5 Providers Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Assoc P.C.
1 Provider American Red Cross Blood Services
1 Provider Andrew Glenn, DDS, M.D., PC
4 Providers Antelope Creek Family Physicians
3 Providers Arthritis Center of Nebraska
41 Providers Associated Anesthesiologists, P.C.
1 Provider Autumn Ridge Family Medicine
12 Providers Beatrice Community Hospital and Health Center
1 Provider Blue Valley Behavioral Health
3 Providers Bluestem Health
1 Provider Bluestem Health Kreshel Clinic
1 Provider Bluestem Health/Thompson Clinic
2 Providers Bryan Acute Pain Services
2 Providers Bryan Bariatric Advantage
26 Providers Bryan Heart
3 Providers Bryan Heart - Suite 500
7 Providers Bryan Heart Cardiothoracic Surgery
1 Provider Bryan Heart Mary Lanning Cardiology
3 Providers Bryan Heart Vascular Surgery
5 Providers Bryan Heart, Suite 300
11 Providers Bryan Heartland Psychiatry
8 Providers Bryan Neurology - Inpatient Care
8 Providers Bryan Neurology - Doctor Office
4 Providers Bryan Palliative Care
20 Providers Bryan Trauma
4 Providers Bryan Urgent Care
12 Providers Bryan Women's Care Physicians
2 Providers Capital City Pediatrics
6 Providers Capital Foot & Ankle
2 Providers Capital Medical Clinic
2 Providers Center for Maternal & Fetal Care
6 Providers Central City Medical Clinic
1 Provider Cheney Ridge Family Medical Clinic
2 Providers Children's First Pediatrics
1 Provider Coddington Medical Family Practice
5 Providers Complete Children's Health
6 Providers Complete Children's Health-Northwoods
4 Providers Complete Children's Health-Salt Creek
6 Providers Complete Children's Health-South
3 Providers Complete Endocrinology
3 Providers Consultants in Infectious Disease
2 Providers Crete Area Medical Center
7 Providers Crete Medical Clinic
1 Provider David Samani, M.D.
2 Providers Doctors of Children
2 Providers Doctors of Women
2 Providers Dotson, Mota, Thurber and Tanner
7 Providers Ear Nose Throat Specialties
2 Providers East Lincoln Family Health Physicians PC
4 Providers East Lincoln Internal Medicine
1 Provider Edgewood Family Physicians
2 Providers ENT Nebraska
9 Providers Eye Surgical Associates
2 Providers Fallbrook Family Health Center
2 Providers Family Health & Wellness Center
2 Providers Family Health Associates
2 Providers Family Health Physicians
6 Providers Family Medicine of Lincoln
3 Providers Family Physician's Group
1 Provider Family Practice of Grand Island, P.C.
1 Provider Forgey Ophthalmology Clinic
2 Providers Friend Medical Clinic
6 Providers Fullerton Medical Clinic
1 Provider Gage County Medical Clinic
16 Providers Gastroenterology Specialties
1 Provider Gateway Internal Medicine
4 Providers General Surgery Associates, LLC
1 Provider Great Plains Heart Center
6 Providers Gynecology & Fertility
14 Providers Heartland Neonatology Associates
1 Provider Heibel Dermatology Clinic
4 Providers Holmes Lake Family Medicine
3 Providers Holy Family Medical Associates
1 Provider HoriSun Hospice
2 Providers Innovative Pain and Spine Specialists
42 Providers Inpatient Physician Associates
1 Provider Internal Medicine Associates
1 Provider John Deck, M.D.
1 Provider Julie Waddell, M.D.
1 Provider Lincoln Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surg
2 Providers Lincoln Aesthetic Surgical Institute
1 Provider Lincoln Children's Dentistry
1 Provider Lincoln Correctional Center
3 Providers Lincoln Eye and Laser Institute
9 Providers Lincoln Family Medical Group
4 Providers Lincoln Family Wellness
2 Providers Lincoln Hospitalist Associates, LLC
10 Providers Lincoln Internal Medicine
11 Providers Lincoln Medical Education Partnership
9 Providers Lincoln Nephrology & Hypertension
6 Providers Lincoln OB/GYN, P.C.
13 Providers Lincoln Orthopedic Center
1 Provider Lincoln Pediatric Dentistry
11 Providers Lincoln Pediatric Group
2 Providers Lincoln Pulmonary & Critical Care Assoc
7 Providers Lincoln Radiology Group, PC
2 Providers Lincoln Regional Center
7 Providers Lincoln Surgical Group PC
6 Providers Madonna Rehabilitation Physicians
2 Providers MD Pain LLC
2 Providers MDstewardship
1 Provider Memorial Community Health
2 Providers Monte Zysset, DDS
1 Provider Nebraska Dermatology, L.L.C.
26 Providers Nebraska Emergency Medicine
2 Providers Nebraska Endocrinology Specialists
1 Provider Nebraska Foot & Ankle, P.C.
1 Provider Nebraska Forensic Medical Services
4 Providers Nebraska Hematology-Oncology, P.C.
1 Provider Nebraska House Call Physicians INC
6 Providers Nebraska Internal Medicine PC
3 Providers Nebraska Kidney Care
2 Providers Nebraska Neurosurgery Group, LLC
5 Providers Nebraska Oral and Facial Surgery
16 Providers Nebraska Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine
1 Provider Nebraska Pain Institute, LLC
14 Providers Nebraska Pulmonary Specialties
1 Provider Nebraska Surgical Specialists
6 Providers Neurological and Spinal Surgery
5 Providers Neurology Associates PC
1 Provider Neurology Consultants Of Nebraska
7 Providers NorthPointe Family Medicine
1 Provider Northrup & Associates
1 Provider Palliative Care Services of Nebraska
9 Providers Pathology Medical Services
1 Provider Pathways to Compassion Hospice
1 Provider Pediatric & Medical Genetics Service PC
11 Providers Pediatric Cardiology Affiliates
5 Providers Pediatrics PC
1 Provider Physicians for Women
2 Providers Pierce Family Practice LLC
2 Providers Plastic Surgical Arts
1 Provider Platte Valley Medical Group, PC
2 Providers Plaza West Psychiatrists
1 Provider Prairie Lake Family Medicine
5 Providers Prairie Orthopaedic and Plastic Surgery, PC
1 Provider Prairie Surgical Associates
3 Providers Primary Care Partners
4 Providers Primary Care Partners2
2 Providers Radiation Oncology Consultants
1 Provider Radiation Oncology Consultants, Beatrice
1 Provider Rehabilitation Physicians Group, PC
2 Providers Rheumatology&Osteoporosis Services
1 Provider Robert Byington, M.D.
1 Provider Robert Plambeck, M.D., P.C.
1 Provider Ross Internal Medicine
1 Provider Rustad Dermatology
1 Provider Saint Elizabeth Radiation Therapy
1 Provider Saline Medical Specialties
1 Provider Scott O'Nele, DDS
2 Providers SERMC Radiation Therapy Center
1 Provider South Lincoln Dermatology
5 Providers Southeast Lincoln Family Medicine
10 Providers Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center
1 Provider SouthPointe Family Physicians Wellness & Aesthetics
2 Providers Southwest Family Health
6 Providers Surgical Associates, PC
1 Provider Surgical Care
7 Providers Teledigm Physician Services, LLC
2 Providers The Physician Network Women's Health
1 Provider UNL Athletic Department Stadium
12 Providers Urology PC
4 Providers Wilber Medical Clinic
2 Providers Williamsburg Family Physicians
4 Providers Women's Clinic of Lincoln
6 Providers Women's Healthcare Center of Williamsburg
1 Provider Wound Care Center


4 Providers Allergy/Asthma
35 Providers Anesthesiology
2 Providers Bariatric/Weight Loss Surgery
39 Providers Cardiology
7 Providers Cardiothoracic Surgery
3 Providers Colorectal Surgery
3 Providers Critical Care Medicine
4 Providers Dermatology
2 Providers Electrophysiology
22 Providers Emergency Medicine
4 Providers Endocrinology
113 Providers Family Practice
16 Providers Gastroenterology
20 Providers General Surgery
5 Providers Infectious Disease
100 Providers Internal Medicine
4 Providers Interventional and Vascular Radiology
2 Providers Maternal-Fetal Medicine
9 Providers Neonatology
12 Providers Nephrology
11 Providers Neurology
6 Providers Neurosurgery
36 Providers OB/GYN
12 Providers Oncology
15 Providers Ophthalmology
11 Providers Oral Surgery
33 Providers Orthopedics
9 Providers Otolaryngology
11 Providers Pathology
58 Providers Pediatrics
7 Providers Physiatry
6 Providers Plastic Surgery
8 Providers Podiatry
12 Providers Psychiatry
17 Providers Pulmonology
13 Providers Radiology
5 Providers Rheumatology
6 Providers Telemedicine
14 Providers Trauma
9 Providers Urology
5 Providers Vascular Surgery

Meet a Few of Our Specialists

Bryan has more than 570 specialty and family practice physicians on our medical staff. Here are a few featured with children from the Bryan Child Development Center.

TV OB doctors and kids

Todd Martin, MD & Darla Eisenhauer, MD
An obstetrician/gynecologist specializes in
women's health care including routine health
screenings, pregnancy care and delivery, and
medical/surgical treatment of the female
reproductive system.

Dr. Percell and children

Robert Percell, MD
An electrophysiolgist is a heart (cardiac)
doctor that specializes in diagnosing and
treating irregular heartbeats or arrhythmias,
one of the most common being atrial
fibrillation (Afib).

Dr. Lawson and children

Keith Lawson, MD
An orthopedist treats patients both surgically
and medically to prevent and correct injuries
or diseases of the skeletal system associated
with bones, muscles, joints, ligaments and
the spine.

Dr. Griffin and children

Mark Griffin, MD
A gastroenterologist diagnoses and treats      
conditions and diseases of the digestive
system (esophagus, stomach, small
intestine, colon and rectum), the liver,
gallbladder and the pancreas.

Dr. Wakely and children TV

Shannon Wakeley, MD
An endocrinologist specializes in diagnosing
and treating hormone imbalances related to
metabolism, growth and development, tissue
function, sexual function, reproduction,
sleep, mood and other areas.

Dr. Ansah and children TV

Albert Owusu-Ansah, MD
A neonatologist provides specialized care for
newborn infants that are sick or premature,
and are in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
At Bryan neonatologists provide follow-up
care in the Developmental Clinic after babies
leave the hospital.

Dr. Randall and children TV

Stephanie Randall, MD
An anesthesiologist specializes in keeping      
patients comfortable, safe and pain-free
during a surgery or procedure by
administering local or general anesthesia.

Dr. Chiu and children TV

Joseph Kam Chiu, MD
A radiation oncologist is a specialist who uses
ionizing radiation to treat a wide variety of


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