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COVID-19 Vaccine: Share Your Experience, Learn From Others

We’re all interested in the vaccine and have questions.
What side effects did people experience?
How did others research their concerns and make a decision?
How did people feel about receiving it, and the hope it gives?

Your Experience Can Help Others

If you’ve received the vaccine, share your experience – it could be why you decided to get the vaccine,
what symptoms you experienced or its impact on you.

Together, we can help people learn, decide and prepare. And, inspire hope for a better tomorrow.

Share Your Experience

I had moderna vaccine, no problem with first dose, after 2nd ( March 29th) I had side effects that lasted for weeks and still having some now. Leg weakness, hypoglycemia every day for about 6 weeks,( I already have had hypoglycemia attacks (but only several weeks apart not daily) fatique (still have, but not as bad )muscle cramps (legs, arms and neck ) Have seen neuromuscalar neurologist, diagnosed with neuropothy in feet and legs, he sent me to oncologist, I now have MGUS (which may have already been there as I have never been tested in the past.) I am concerned about getting a booster, how bad will the side effects be ??


I reacted to all three Moderna vaccines. First two had me feeling I'll for several days. Last booster hit me hard within a few hours. Fever, chills, really achy joints and lost of muscle cramps. Within two days I felt back to normal.


I took the Pfizer vaccine yesterday which was Saturday at 12:30 noon I felt OK maybe a little sluggish I got home an hour later and passed out really tired but then when I woke up towards the next day it was the worst experience of my life for starters I’m not used to being sick but at around 3 o’clock in the morning I woke up broke up and saw a really hot sweat I felt very nauseous I got up and made some hot tea with chamomile holy basil a little lemon and honey I broke up in to a mad sweat it felt so uncomfortable I was praying to God to help me feel better I was trying to stay calm that’s a worry my dogs they were all around me sleeping The nauseating became worse until I couldn’t take it anymore jumped out and had a desperate need to throw up I went to the bathroom and threw up it was ongoing for like a two minute nonstop throwing up liquid I feel like throwing up some more but I had nothing more to throw up put a little water in my face cleaned up I went to lay down again sweating was still nonstop I laid down finally passed out I woke up this in the morning still feeling very hot sweaty this is the worst feeling that I’ve felt in a long time I am not looking forward to taking the next vaccine it was that that’s torture I think about the people who actually went through the actual sickness and I guess it’s probably far more work worse and what makes it even more worse is that I’m alone here with my dogs they tell you to take this vaccine but they don’t care about getting comfort and care and how to deal with it I know everybody’s not the same not everybody goes through what I went throughBut it was an extremely bad experience for me and I want to share that


Got my first pfizer jab 9/17/21 it's been 6 hours and I feel some what ok nothing really different maybe I feel a little lightheaded and kinda lazy


Just for my first dose. Saturday but Tuesday I’ve had a fever of 101.1 and 102.1 and it’s not getting better I was fine before the dose now I’m sick and not getting better going on day 5

-Daniel Hanley

I got vaccinated so I don't get anyone else sick.


I got vaccinated to keep myself and my elderly family members safe.


I got vaccinated for my elderly family members.


I got vaccinated for my community


I opted to receive the vaccine to protect myself and my family. I have a few family members who are compromised medically. I received my first shot - that night my arm was a little sore but by morning, it was much better. The second shot I received in the AM, and by that night I had a headache, fever, chills and no energy. By the next morning, the only side effect I still had was no energy. Minor compared to what could have been without a vaccine.


36 year old female with no other conditions, received Pfizer in May. For me, the first shot was no problem. My arm was slightly sore at injection area and the joints in that hand were a bit inflamed the next day. With the second dose, I felt fine for 12 hours after the shot. Right at 12 hours post injection I started feeling pretty strong flu like symptoms. Really strong chills, fever, nausea, body aches. This lasted for about 24 hours. For an additional 24 hours I felt very tired. Then I was back to normal.


First shot of Pfizer wasn't too bad except for the insane discomfort in my upper back. It was similar to when you sleep wrong or pull a muscle but worse because you never get relief. This started about 10 hours after receiving shot and lasted 24 hours. Second shot was like getting a flu vaccine. Pretty unpleasant experience, would not do again.

-Dan O

The vaccine felt like any other vaccine going in. Very similar to the flu shot. Wasn’t painful at all. The only symptom I experienced was a slightly sore arm the next day but it was very mild. I felt completely fine after getting the shot and slept great that night. Had absolutely no problems. Wouldn’t have even thought I had gotten the vaccine


First shot- body aches all over. Second shot- I couldn't lift my arm for three days. Moderna vaccine


I received both doses of moderna on my first I got what they call covid-19 arm swollenvery hot rash and itchy for two weeks plus headaches They tell me I would not feel nothing on my second.. Guess what second was worse again covid arm and 3 days of chills and headache but I'm still thinking it worth it I'll do all over again


Beginning the day following my first Pfizer shot I experienced a stiff neck and intense headache that lasted four days. I began having pin and needle sensations along with fatigue in my hands and arms the day following my second shot. This grew to joint and bone pain that spread throughout my body. I have experienced nausea since the third day following my vaccination along with extreme fatigue and sleepiness. The joint pain has been constant, ranging from simply achy to extremely intense. I have a previous diagnosis of lyme disease. The intensity and long duration of symptoms (I am 7 days out from my 2nd vaccination) are reminiscent of the joint pain, sleepiness, and exhaustion I experienced when infected with lyme.


I received the Jansen vaccine! This is my first day with the injection, and the side affects after a few hours that affected me were: tingly arm (it went away after a bit), body flu, some chills, and fatigue. Not the throw up kind of flu, just the very tired body feeling. My sister and Mom had the same reaction, but my Dad however felt fine!


I had some sore knee joints the day after my first vaccine, but had nothing at all after my 2nd vaccine, my arm didn't even hurt!!


I am pregnant and, with the encouragement of my OB/GYN and a Maternal-Fetal Medicine MD, received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine. My arm was moderately sore for a couple of days after the first dose, and I only experienced a mild, low-grade temperature for a few hours approximately 24 hours after the second dose. My overall experience was great! And while I continue wearing a mask and practicing social distancing around anyone outside my household, I feel a sense of relief about reducing the likelihood of contracting Covid-19. I would absolutely encourage everyone who is eligible to get the vaccine! Let's all do our part to put Covid-19 behind us!


I experienced a sore arm at the injection site from my first vaccine. After the 2nd vaccine, I had chills and some generalized achiness but it was not limiting. I'm so thankful to have received the vaccine.


I had no problems at all with vaccine- no fe, chills, body aches or other issues. Please do not delay to get your vaccine.


I was thrilled to be one of the first employees to get the vaccine on the first day it was offered. My arm was a little sore for 24 hours. I skipped my usual 10 push-ups the next day. For my second vaccine I had no problems. Not even a sore arm.


I had my first shot yesterday. Experienced slight headache and fatigue, no big deal. Today,my arm is a little sore. In all, so glad I received it.


Both of my vaccines went very well. quick and easy to receive. Both times my arm was sore for about 2 - 3 days and I had an odd metallic taste in my mouth. Only with the second one did I experience mild joint pain and felt wore out for the last 12 hrs of the first day.


I got the first dose in late December and the second in late January. I had no reaction to the first; 2 days after the second, I had a large swollen lump at the site of the injection. It went away after 2 days. I got the vaccine because I see the results of people having Covid and don't want that for my family, especially my older parents and my husband, who has some comorbidities. I read a lot of the information that Bryan provided before I decided to get the vaccine, it was very helpful.


Excited and nervous were my emotions in preparing to get my COVID-19 vaccines, even though I never had any doubts whether I would say "yes" to getting them. After my first dose, there was some arm soreness and some fatigue. A little less than 24 hours after the second dose, I felt very jittery and high-strung, with my heart rate much higher than normal for a couple of hours. After that a slight headache and body aches that lasted a few hours. Since then, no problems at all. Highly recommend that everyone get vaccinated! We all want to be done with the craziness of the last year.


I received my 2nd vaccine (Pfizer) in early January! I actually acquired Covid in late August and had a 3 month old baby that I nursed throughout my illness. I am still nursing him, all while receiving my 2 vaccines. I called my OB as well as pediatrician to discuss what was best with getting vaccinated (or not) while nursing. We discussed the risks/benefits, how the vaccine is made (researched the M-RNA process) and listening/reading the science behind it all. It was cleared by both physicians and overall was my final decision to make! That being said, I opted to get the vaccine!! My hope is having both the infection itself, then being vaccinated, I am not only protecting myself but my baby as well! Not to mention those around me, my other 2 kids (5 & 8), my elderly or at risk family and the rest of the population!! As far as side effects go; I had some arm soreness (very common with any vaccine) but nothing that interfered with my daily duties. I also felt a bit tired for the next 1 to 2 days but being a mom of 3 and RN, that is daily!! I am proud to be able to be a part of the solution to this pandemic as it has been a long hard year for all, myself being pregnant, working as a bedside RN, then having baby in May during the red zone (scary). Now to boot, my 72 year old mother is getting her first vaccine today and it makes my heart happy!


I had a good experience with the COVID Vaccine. With the second injection I only experienced fatigue, body aches and chills occurred about 12 hours after the injection. I took a 3 hour nap and some Advil this relieved the symptoms. I did have soreness at the injection site x 2 days. I believe the way out of this Pandemic is to get vaccinated this will make a big difference.


The first shot was a breeze, however my arm did hurt for awhile after both shots, the 2nd shot I received 2:30pm and 6 am the next morning I didn't feel well, no fever, my body hurt, it was just like when your starting to get a cold, just felt bad, by midnight I felt fine and have had nothing since.


I had no side effects after my first vaccnation. The clinic at PBA was very well organized. I was in and out within thirty minutes, including the fifteen minute post vaccination observation period!


I only had some pain at the site of my vaccine and a mild headache from the first dose. When I got the second dose, I had chills and more pain at the site. I've had worse hangovers, even if you combined the symptoms from both doses.


My experience with receiving the COVID-19 vaccine was phenomenal! I never once questioned if I should get the vaccine. Instead, I could not wait to get this "liquid gold" when it was my turn. It is my duty as a nurse to be a part of the solution. Although I am only one person, this allowed me the opportunity to make a difference in the fight against the pandemic. I want to be a role model for others and encourage everyone to get vaccinated. Know the way, show the way...Bryan core values to live by!


I received the Pfizer vaccine, and did not have any symptoms/side effects after either shot. I was so excited to be able to receive this vaccine! Being in a higher risk group of dying from this virus did cause me to have some fear of contracting this virus for the past year. The potential for anyone infected with this virus to have long term effects or death from this virus continues to concern me. This vaccine gave me such peace of mind, and a feeling of hope that we can finally get some control over this pandemic. I will continue to use all precautions for now, and will follow CDC guidelines to continue to try to stop the spread of this virus.


I didn't have any problems with my shot. My arm was sore for a day similar to what I experience after the flu shot. It was quick and painless. I would highly recommend getting the Covid vaccine.


The only symptom I experienced was a sore arm at injection site for less than a day with both doses. Bryan did a great job with the vaccine clinics!


I'm a 58 year old, with underlying health conditions. I wanted to share that I had a sore arm with both vaccines, and nothing else.


I only have a sore arm and shoulder but no headache, no fever and no chills. Thanks Bryan Health for the free covid vaccine!


My first dose was in December 2020 with the only side effect being a sore arm. My second dose was 3 weeks later with more aggressive side effects of nausea and diarrhea. This lasted for 24 hours and I felt like my normal self again. I opted FOR the vaccine because I want to get back to a "normal" life again. I miss my elderly family and my high risk friends. I can't wait to hug them again!!! Overall, my experience with the COVID vaccine was as easy as getting the flu vaccine. Well and warm wishes to ALL!!!


I felt comfortable receiving the vaccine after all the information and information links provided by Bryan. I was able to research the vaccine and get my questions answered by watching the Pandemic Updates. With my first injection I didn't have any side effects. With my second injection I experienced generalized achiness; felt feverish but didn't have a fever; some fatigue and just a little "off". Nothing that prevented me from my usual activities. The vaccine clinic at Bryan was very organized and all the people working there were very informed. It is so nice having that "extra" protection along with masking/handwashing/distancing etc. So thankful for the opportunity to receive the vaccine at Bryan.


12 hours after the second vaccination, my joints were very sore, even my wrists. I had a slight headache and felt tired. The symptoms lasted about 8 hours and I slept through most of them.


Very minor symptoms fatigue/ headache/ sore arm Process was smooth and fast!

-Nicole Morton

I decided to get the covid 19 vaccine for my own health. But most important to me was to protect others. I look forward to when I can see my dad in person give him a hug and not through a window. I have had both shots and only experienced a sore arm both times. I did not have to be convinced to get the shot as the thought of being on a ventilator scared me more. However on one of the Bryan health news conferences a doctor spoke all about the vaccine from how it was developed, how it was made, and possible side effects, and other information. I found this very helpful and shared it with friends.


My first shot resulted in nothing more than a sore arm and a little tiredness. The second shot I was completely fine until the next day when I experienced tiredness, achy and just generally not feeling well. But no fever or chills. A couple of Tylenol, fluids, and rest and I was as good as new. I have felt great ever since.


Side effects-joint pain that was temporary; fatigue; sore arm at site temporarily. Much less problematic than getting the virus.


I wanted to get the shots in order to protect other people in my family from getting COVID-19. I didn't have any problems with the first or the second shot. I didn't have a fever or a sore arm at all. I didn't have any redness at the shot site either.


I received my first vaccine in mid-December and the only side effect I experienced was soreness at the injection site and some achy muscles and joints. I received my second vaccine in early January and it was much different. Within 24 hours, I experienced a mild fever of 100.4, severe chills, muscle aches and joint pain, injection site soreness, a migraine and excessive fatigue. It felt a lot like the flu but all the symptoms were gone 36 hours later. I'm still glad I chose to get the vaccine and I would do it again despite the side effects. I believe as a healthcare provider, it is my responsibility to do my part to protect the community as well as myself.


I'm a coid nurse I work with the covid patient. After seeing what they go through and being stuck in their room for weeks or months I knew I needed to get the vaccine. I sign up for my time slot as soon as I got the text message. I can confidently say its exactly like getting the flu shot. I only had sore muscles around the injection site for both shots. All in all I highly encourage everyone to get the vaccine.


I have had both shots and other than a sore arm in that spot I had no symptoms. I am very thankful the hospital offered the shots to us it is very appreciated. I want to protect my family and myself with all of this. Sometimes I do feel guilty that my husband and other family members still have not received shots. But hopefully this will happen soon. Thank you


I did research on the vaccine before getting it. The CDC website is an excellent tool to get information. I have a couple risk factors and I'm in an age group that might make it more of a challenge for me if I got the virus. So getting vaccinated was the obvious choice for me. I had no reaction to the first dose. Not even a sore arm. The second dose I did have an elevated temperature (not higher than 100.4), aches and chills on the following day. After ibuprofen and rest, I was back to normal after 12 hours. Much better than getting the virus!! I also had a swollen lymph node in one of my armpits that appeared a couple weeks following my second dose. It went away after a week. This happened about the same time as the Bryan physicians reported on TV their reactions. It was helpful to know that I was not the only one to have this experience!


I was excited to get the vaccine to protect myself and others. When I got the first dose, I felt nausea, dizziness, headache, and my arm was very sore. Later in the night, I developed a fever and body aches. All of the symptoms went away after 24 hrs. With the second dose, I had the same reaction, but again, the symptoms went away after 24 hrs.


Very grateful to be among my coworkers in the "first line" for the vaccine. I received the pfizer vaccine. I had a VERY sore arm with the first dose, no other size effects. The second dose was a little worse. I had flu-like symptoms, including body aches, chills, sweating, low-grade fever. I felt very crummy and was in bed all day. These symptoms started about 15 hours after my injection and lasted about 12 hours. Next day I woke up feeling fine! These symptoms just mean the shot is WORKING. No other side effects since that one day.


I was happy to get the vaccine! I lost my father-in-law to Covid. Any death or loss is horrible but Covid I must say, was by far on another level of devastating loss. It was quick and unpredicted and there was nothing we could do. So, having said that, I was more than ready to do what I could to protect myself and others as best I could and do what ever it takes to possibly prevent anyone or anything having to go through what we've gone through due to Covid. My arm hurt for 24 hours just as the flu shot will. I thankfully had no other side effects from either dose. I can only hope that taking this step and joining the fight to prevent any strain of this disease will be helpful now and in the future. I would take as many shots as it takes to never get or give this, period!


The first dose was ok. My second dose had a delayed reaction. I had second on a Thursday, felt fine. Friday came to work, felt fine till early afternoon. Started to get chills, Friday evening I was wrapped in a flannel blanket, sweats, socks. I felt yucky. Saturday I woke up and felt fine. First time I've ever had a reaction to a shot of any kind. Crazy.....


After my first shot there was tenderness in my arm, but that subsided on the second day. After the second shot I had fatigue later that day and had no other symptoms the following day. I am so grateful that I was part of this vaccination rollout at Bryan, not only for myself, but for my coworkers and the Lincoln community. The button I received after my second shot says it all: INJECTED WITH HOPE


My second shot wasn't bad but I did experience more symptoms with the second than I did the 1st. I experience body aches and chills but that was all.


I chose to vaccinate because I am a healthcare provider, I believe this is one important tool to protect all of us during this pandemic, and I believe it helps to regain control of our lives and well-being. I believe vaccinations are a social responsibility - and a gift! My husband's family was significantly affected by COVID-19. He has an uncle who got COVID-19, was on a ventilator for 14 days, survived but his health is declined and now he remains on continuous oxygen. His mother suffered a stroke after 10 days of COVID-19 infection, but survived with life changes. His other uncle, only 64 years of age, passed after COVID-19 put him on a ventilator for about a month. Our family chooses to vaccinate because we love each other! I had a sore arm for one day after my first dose, and a little bit more sore arm with mild "flu-like symptoms" for about 48 hours after my second dose. I received Pfizer vaccine. If you don't want to do it for yourself - do it for the people you love!!!


I received my first dose during the first wave. My only symptom was a sore arm at the injection site that lasted about 24 hours. My second dose was in January and after about 12 hours I was feeling very tired, feverish, and I had chills. I took some ibuprofen and felt fine, but I was very tired for the following two days. On the third day, I felt back to my usual self, but with an added sense of relief and hope for the future.


I received my first Pfizer vaccine mid-December and second vaccine early-January. After each dose, I experienced a moderately sore arm that did not otherwise impact my daily activities. After the second dose, I also experienced some lymph swelling in my axilla (armpit) on the arm in which I received the vaccine. The swelling subsided within a couple days. As an avid advocate for vaccinations, I elected to receive my COVID-19 vaccine after reviewing data that I felt demonstrated an adequate safety and efficacy profile. More personally, I got vaccinated to protect myself, my family, my colleagues, and our patients.


After about 6 hours of receiving the first Moderna shot, I had mild joint pain in the toes, slight discomfort in the neck area and at injection site. The next morning it was gone. About 2 hours before the second shot, I alternated ibuprofen and acetaminophen for 24 hours (per a healthcare provider)and did not experience any side effects. After listening to the Science and seeing how unpredictable this illness is and its potential long term effects, I did not hesitate to get vaccinated. I feel a big relief from being vaccinated. I can visit with my adult children and my elderly parents without worrying about COVID. My parents are also vaccinated and both had no reactions. I highly recommend others to get vaccinated in order to protect themselves, their community and to help prevent new variants from emerging.


I had no side effects with the first immunization. After the 2nd, I developed muscle/joint pains and a low grade fever that started about 12 hours after the shot, then lasted about 24-36 hours. It was important to me to get the immunizations in order to protect me from a potentially deadly COVID-19 infection. Also, the more people who get the immunizations, the closer we will get to herd immunity, which will protect those who cannot be immunized


I received the first dose vaccine in Dec 2020. The last year has been absolutely hectic and I can't wait until the vaccine is available for everyone so we can go back to living life a bit more carefree. First dose was just some pain at the injection site for a day. Second dose resulted in the following symptoms lasting about 24hrs: chills, fatigue, pain at injection site, and a swollen armpit lymph node. My symptoms were worse than average according to employee health and from my coworkers' experience. I was back at it scooping snow, and working out, running within 24 hrs and if I end up needing a booster shot I'll happily sign up again.


I wanted the vaccine since my husband is 60 and Type 1 diabetic. He is working from home but since I am not I wanted to help keep him safe. I asked my pharmacist relative several questions first and his answers convinced me to get the vaccine. The only side effect I had following dosage 1 and 2 was a sore arm!


I am currently pregnant so did not originally think twice about not getting the vaccine as it was not trialed on pregnant women. However, after visiting with my OB and doing extensive research, we both decided that the risks of the vaccine far outweighed the risks of complications from actually contracting COVID 19 while pregnant. I had a sore arm from my first vaccine. Following the second vaccine, I did experience some fatigue, chills, and a moderate headache for about 12-18 hours. It was nothing major and I was able to work through the minor symptoms. I am glad I looked into the vaccine further as now I have a little piece of mind for the delivery of our child and hopefully maybe some passed immunity onto baby!


I was very eager to get the vaccine in order to help protect others along with my own health. I live alone and have not been able to be around my older parents or my younger brother who has cancer for fear of potentially giving them COVID. It is very isolating when you live alone and can't be around other people much due to the nature of this disease. When the vaccines came out, I read all of the materials published by Bryan, watched all of the press conferences, and felt completely comfortable with the science behind the vaccines. I waited anxiously for it to by my turn to "shoot down" COVID. I received my 1st dose of the Pfizer vaccine on December 23rd and the only side effect was minor injection site pain. I received my 2nd dose on January 13th. I also had mild injection site pain with that one on the 1st day. The day after, my whole arm was achy and sore so I took an ibuprofen. After that, I have had no side effects and now feel protected from this virus. I'm so thrilled to now see my parents getting vaccinated and look forward to when my brother with cancer can get his vaccine so we can again spend time together. Thank you Bryan Health!


I chose to get the vaccine to help protect my family and friends who have compromised immune systems or are high risk, as well as, those who are healthy and are part of our communities. I had very mild reactions to both doses and only experienced a sore arm. I was fatigued after the first dose but believe it was from not sleeping well due to the soreness of my arm. I relied on the information that Bryan Health and CDC has put out in regards to the virus and the vaccine. I am grateful that Bryan offered the vaccine to employees and has extended this to a family member who volunteers at one of the clinics.


When I found out Laboratory staff was eligible to receive the vaccine, I signed up ASAP! I did it to protect myself and my family. Currently, my mother is going through her 3rd bout with ovarian cancer and I am her primary care giver. COVID is the LAST thing she needs to worry about right now. Other than soreness at the injection site and slight fatigue, it was a breeze!


I received my second dose 1/26/2021. I had minimal side effects, sore shoulder at injection site and some fatigue with the second shot. I received vaccine because of my status of essential personnel to the hospital. I was very grateful for the opportunity as my age and type II diabetes. I did some research about both vaccines, and went with the science.Not the politics! At this time I would recommend the vaccine. Side effects were minimal, no fears.


My only complaint with with my 1st shot was a very sore arm that hurt to lift for about 2 days. My immune system was amped up and working well with the 2nd vaccine. I had a low grade fever, chills and body aches for a couple days. It took about 18 hours after to start and lasted 48.


I did not have any side effects, although I was worried I would. I decided to get it because vaccines sasve lives.


I was so glad to be able to get both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine! I did not have anything more than a slightly sore arm for 24 hours.


Both injections were essentially painless. I did have moderate arm discomfort for about 24 hrs after the first one, but minimal arm discomfort after the second one. After the first vaccine I noticed some tingling in that arm/hand, but it may have been completely unrelated. It lasted about a week, that is now gone. I felt completely normal after the first vaccine. 24 hours after the second vaccine I had mild feelings of fatigue, nausea, generalized achiness. Those mild discomforts only lasted a few hours (after going to bed I woke up find the next morning).


I felt so happy and fortunate that I was able to receive my vaccination early in the national rollout. We have heard repeatedly what we can do to help fight off this virus and slow down and stop the spread. I felt it was another layer of protection that I could get for both myself and others--masking, distancing, washing hands, and now a fourth "tool" to help in the battle--a vaccine that has been studied and shown to be safe and effective. As far as side effects, I was very fortunate. I received the Moderna vaccine. I had a twinge of achiness at the injection site for a couple of days after both injections--not a constant achiness but only if I moved my arm a certain way. It honestly was less than what I had experienced with the seasonal flu shot. My 85-year-old father received the Pfizer vaccine and had no side effects at all! Honestly, I would say research information from the CDC and other trusted sources. It has given me more peace of mind going out into the community and it will only get better the more people who get vaccinated. We got this!


I consider myself very fortunate to receive the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on the 2nd day that it was available, and the 2nd one on Jan 4. I was expecting some side effects, especially after the 2nd dose, based on what information I had from various sources. This would be a very acceptable price to pay for the phenomenal benefits of being vaccinated, so I had prepared myself accordingly, and informed my manager that I may need to take a couple of days off work. As it turns out, I had an entire day (the next day after the vaccine) after the first dose when my vaccinated arm was very sore, but it was much better the day after. It did not keep me from coming to work and working the whole day. After the second dose, all I had was a slightly sore arm, and then..... nothing!! Being in the healthcare field, I have heard from several colleagues that they have had side effects affecting different parts of the body, but many more have had minor ones lasting a few hours to a couple of days. They are all very happy to have received the vaccine.


I was pregnant and working throughout the start the covid. I also gave birth at Bryan Health during the pandemic. When I returned from maternity leave, the pandemic made me weary of kissing my baby daughter and weary of bringing home covid to my mother who has fought cancer. I've now had 2 vaccines and the peace of mind they have brought has been priceless. Here's to traveling, meeting up with friends, and endless kisses for my baby daughter!


I received both doses in December of 2020. I wanted to get them as soon as possible to protect others and to help stop the disease process. I was a little tired and "fuzzy" after the first dose and I had a swollen lymph node after the second dose. I would 100% do it again and again.


I was so excited about getting this vaccine! To be as safe as I could possibly be for my family and patients is very important to me. I have been fortunate to continue to work as a healthcare provider for Lincoln's leader in this pandemic. I see the light at the end of this bizarre tunnel. I would be prepared that you may have some uncomfortable side effects after shot 2. It was moderate flu-like aches, but it could not be comparable to getting COVID.


I followed vaccine development closely, and relied heavily upon Bryan Medical Staff thorough their many presentations during Bryan Health press briefing about how the vaccine(s) were made, how they work, and I heard loud and clear that vaccines won't end the pandemic, but vaccinations will. Thus, I followed our physician's advise - when my turn came, I got in line. Since last March Bryan Health has been advising the public on how to stay safe, flatten a curve, and ultimately end the pandemic. I see this as a responsibility as a Bryan employee, and an opportunity to help our state, country world get back to normal. I encourage all who are still uncertain to listen to our physicians. As for side effects, just a little tired the evening of my second shot. Please help advocate for people getting vaccinated, and please volunteer to help if the opportunity present itself. Participating in the public vaccination efforts at PBA is uplifting for all that have volunteered.


I am a Bryan employee who does non-patient-facing work. Therefore, I was in the last group to get vaccinated. I had been hearing about the side effects that others had been experiencing (specifically fever, chills, fatigue) and I was expecting that I would have the same experience. I had received a booster tetanus shot in May 2020 and I had those same side effects for a whole day. Although I knew it was minor and short in duration, I was anxious about possibly experiencing that again. However, I was pleasantly surprised that the only side effect I experienced with both the first and second injection of the Moderna Covid vaccine was a slightly sore arm for the day following each injection. In my experience, it was no different from getting a flu shot as far as side effects. Bottom line of my experience: Moderna Covid vaccine was same as getting a flu shot and better than a tetanus shot!


I was very grateful for the opportunity to receive the vaccine. My rationale for receiving was to protect my family, community as well as myself and hopefully help slow the spread of COVID-19 one person at a time. My research came from colleagues and physicians at hospital as well as CDC articles. After the first dose, I had very slight soreness of arm. After second dose, I again had slight soreness of arm (nothing compared to Shingles vaccination) and slight fatigue within 12 hours that was very transitory. Believe everyone has a societal obligation to protect themselves and others by getting vaccinated, wearing masks properly, social distancing and hand hygiene. As the button said: Injected with HOPE!!!


After researching and hearing from physicians and pharmacists at Bryan, I knew the vaccine was safe and the right thing to do. I had a sore arm for a couple days with the first vaccine, but no other symptoms. The second vaccine was even better. My arm was barely sore at all and again I had no symptoms. I never missed any work or felt ill after either vaccine. I want to see our lives get back to some semblance of "normal" and I believe the vaccine will help us get there!


I chose to receive the vaccine to help end the pandemic. I miss getting together with friends and family. I am sad for not only my kids who have missed important milestones in their high school years, but all kids who are experiencing this same sense of loss. I also chose to receive the vaccine because my grandma died due to COVID and I don't want others to have to experience this. I had little to no side effects from my first vaccine. My arm was a bit sore, but nothing that limited me. My second vaccine was a bit more memorable. I had 36 hours of body aches, slight nausea, and some swollen lymph glands. I managed these symptoms with Tylenol and ibuprofen. In a weird way I was relieved with these S/S, knowing that my body was building up an immunity. I trust science and relied heavily upon our local medical community to provide me with evidence that was based upon science and research, not emotion and social media to learn more about the risks and benefits of the vaccine. I am grateful beyond measure that I was able to make the choice to receive the vaccine and even more grateful to Bryan Health for affording me the opportunity.


I have received both my pfiser covid 19 vaccines and have to say it was so easy. I did not have any side effects with either vaccine.


My vaccine process went very smoothly. After each vaccine my arm was sore but I had no other side effects! Now I feel more confident coming home from work and being around my immune-compromised husband with less worry I will get him sick. I feel I can be a better employee and family member with less anxiety due to having my vaccine. With the combination of the vaccine, wearing a mask, social distancing, and being thoughtful of what public places I am in, I feel much more safe than I did for most of 2020.


I received the first shot on December 17. The next day I had only slight arm soreness, which I expected. I received my second shot on Friday, January 8, around 9:00 in the morning. By 6:00 p.m. I was chilled to the bone, had body aches and was very tired. The following day I had a slight headache. By Sunday I felt pretty good. I didn't do any research on the vaccine. I trusted what I was hearing from Bryan and the medical community. I opted to get vaccinated because I felt it was the right thing to do for me, my family and my friends. I want our community to get back to normal and I strongly feel the sooner more people receive the vaccine the sooner our community will benefit.


I am a health care worker and blessed to not contract the virus during 2020. My first injection went well and I only had a sore arm as I would have for any injection. My second injection I did have very severe bodyaches and general fatigue that started the following day and lasted about 18 hours or so. After that I felt fine and never had any further complaints. A small price to pay compared to many who actually got Covid19 before the vaccine was available. I would certainly recommend it and hope we all are moving toward a better world where we can really live life more fully and get to enjoy our family and friends and just doing the "normal" life things we have missed doing in the past year.


I received the Pfizer vaccine. With the first injection my arm felt like I had a slight bruise for just a few hours in the afternoon and evening, I got my shot at 6:45am, by the next morning my arm felt fine. With the second injection I did not even have the mild arm pain. I have no reservations recommending the vaccine to anyone based upon my experience and encourage people to get vaccinated when they have the opportunity!


Very grateful for the opportunity to get vaccinated early. I experienced a sore shoulder with both shots. That was temporary and I was fine by the next day. I wanted to be vaccinated for my family and the staff I work with. It's the responsible thing to do.


I was blessed to have been able to get my first Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine on December 14, 2020, the first day it was available at Bryan Medical Center. I literally cried with relief as I walked into the vaccine center. Throughout this last year I had an overwhelming desire to do something to help end this pandemic and get our lives back to normal. Getting vaccinated was my way to do this! I got the vaccine to protect my husband who is high risk due to medical conditions. I got it to protect my kids and grandkids. I got it to protect my dad and step dad who is in an extended care facility. I got it to protect my extended family and neighbors community, and to be able to see those people up close again! I got it to protect the vulnerable infants I care for at work. Was I a bit worried about getting a vaccine that was so new? Of course. But I was more worried about bringing Covid 19 home to my family. I did my research and learned that although this is a "new" vaccine, researchers have been studying this type of vaccine for many years. I learned that all phases of the trials were completed, just as they are with any other medication or vaccine. I had mild side effects. With the first dose I had a very sore arm, achy neck and shoulders and very tired for about 36 hours. With the second does, my arm didn't hurt at all. I did run a low grade temperature, had chills, a little achy, and very tired, again for about 36 hours. I truly believe the side effects of Covid-19 would have been worse than anything I experienced from the vaccine. I am thrilled I was able to get vaccinated and am so appreciative that Bryan Health has done such a great job facilitating the vaccine process!


My experience with the COVID vaccine was very good. I had no issues with the first shot (besides a slightly sore arm!). The second shot did bring on a slight fever and body aches 18 hours after administration, but I took some motrin and felt better in a couple hours. I would do it again in a heartbeat!


I am so blessed that Bryan offered this vaccine to its staff. I wanted to get this vaccine to keep myself and others safe. The only side effect I experienced was a sore arm. Nothing compared to actually having the symptoms of Covid. I hope people keep this in mind as many side effects I have read and heard of have been mild--for the majority. It is with high hopes that we will begin to see each others faces again, enjoy each other's company, and see less and less people endure the terrible complications of Covid.


I received the first shot on Dec. 18th and didn't even feel it go in. I actually asked the nurse to see the syringe as proof that she actually injected it (lol). I had a sore arm within about 4 hours that felt like someone had punched me closed fist at the injection site. That was it for side effects on the first dose. The second dose I received on Jan. 8 and it felt the same as getting a flu shot. Again, I had a sore arm within hours and within 24 hours I felt achey and had the chills. The aches and chills lasted about 8 hours and then I slept. The next day I was fatigued and had a swollen lymph node. All those symptoms were gone within 48 hours and I have felt fine since. Thank you Bryan for the opportunity to get vaccinated!


For the first and second shot I had a sore arm for a day. No other side effects. I would encourage anyone who is able to receive the vaccine!


I got the vaccine to protect myself and my baby (I was 22 weeks at the time I received my first dose). I did lots of research and reading on the ACOG website, as well as talked to my OB about risks/benefits. With my first dose I had a sore arm and slight fatigue. With the second dose all I had was a sore arm. Thankful to have received the vaccine!


With the first dose I had a sore arm for a couple of days. I had heard a variety of side effects from the second dose from co-workers. Aches, headache, chills, fever, fatigue, brain-fog, and a sore arm. I was fully prepared for the side effects and thought I would have to miss work. Other than a slight headache the first day and a sore arm for a couple of days, I had no other side effects.


I had no hesitancy in getting the vaccine. I work at a medical clinic, I have had Covid, and my husband has a pacemaker and other issues. I have a pregnant daughter who works in assisted living and another daughter who works as a hair stylist. The alternative isn't even an issue. The only slight side effect I had was a sore arm!


I got the vaccine to protect myself and others and to put an end to this pandemic. I experienced no side effects at all except for my arm was a little sore, about the same as a flu shot. After I heard the educated Doctors and nurses here at Bryan recommend and promote the vaccine, I felt confident and fortunate to be able to receive it.


I chose to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to protect myself and my family. I really didn't do a significant amount of research prior to getting it but just figured it was something I really should do. With the first dose I really only had a sore arm and a headache, nothing too terrible. However, with the second dose I had a sore arm and slight dizziness the day I got it and woke up the next morning feeling pretty sick. I had a terrible headache, very dizzy, nausea, fatigue, and body aches. All of that was resolved by the following day. Then a few days later I had a terrible burning rash suddenly appear on my right side of my neck and was diagnosed and treated for shingles.


There was never a second thought about getting the vaccine. I feel like it is the right thing to do for not only myself but also my community and because we have family overseas, for the international community as well. I was fortunate to have very minor reactions to the vaccine, the first dose gave me a sore arm and the second dose I got a mild headache and my arm was less sore.


The only issues I had were an extremely sore arm with both injections. After the 2nd shot I've had a headache for a couple of weeks.


I choose to get the vaccine because research has shown that it is safe and effective. The vaccine is an important piece of getting the pandemic under control by reducing spread and serious disease. Polio is no longer an issue in society because most everyone has been vaccinated. I hope we can one day say the same about COVID. I received Moderna. Following the first shot my arm was mildly sore for approximately 12 hours. Much like getting a flu shot. My body's response following the second shot was a bit stronger. My arm became sore 2 hours after the injection and continued for several days. Just sore - nothing terrible. Approximately 20 hours after the shot I got mild chills and ran a fever of 100 degrees for 24 hours. I had a headache and was tired. I took naps and watched television. The next day I felt very well rested and completely normal.


Vaccination saves lives. I am honest when I tell you that I received both my vaccines and I didn't even notice my 1st shot and only had a little sore arm for about 5 minutes with the 2nd shot when I went to bed. Please get vaccinated. Having seen the anxiety, suffering, and death of COVID-19 disease; vaccination is the best choice for you, your family, and your community. Please be responsible and save lives.


For the second shot, it kept me up most of the night. I got maybe 3-4 hours of sleep. The first night I went from hot and cold back and forth. The next day I was incredibly achy from head to toe but it went away within that 24 hour period. The second night however, I went through the chills phase again. I was able to sleep but with multiple layers on I was still ice cold. Sore arm for a few days.

-Brice Jones

I was very excited when I knew I could get my vaccination. As a child, I can remember other vaccines like small pox and polio that I received that were just part of preventative healthcare my family participated in. I saw this as no different and the best prevention for me and my family. The first shot I received was a breeze. Easier than a flu shot. I had no side effects. Not even a sore arm. My second shot was a little different. I had mine after several of my co-workers did, so I was prepared for possible side effects. The vaccine going into my arm was uncomfortable for about a second or two. It was about 24 hours later when I experienced some chills that lasted several hours. I was at work and chose to go home a little early. I felt run down and a little out of sorts. Went to bed that night and the next morning, I did not have any pain from my vaccination site but I did have pain under my arm in my arm pit area. I have recently heard that this may have been within my lymph nodes under that arm. It was nothing I couldn't deal with. It passed within a few days and have experienced nothing further. I have a family member who is 97 years old. He has received both of his vaccines and had no side effects at all!!


For both the first and second shot of Moderna, I experienced arm pain around the injection site. This pain was worse than usual injection soreness but over the counter medication helped. This lasted for about 48 hours each time. That was the only thing I noticed.


First one I got a sore shoulder for a couple hours, similar to getting a flu shot. Second shot I did not get sore shoulder, in fact when I got home after working that day I ran my snow blower. No other side effects.


The first shot I had no side effects. As a matter of fact I didn't even know that I got a shot. On the second one I only had a really sore arm.


I was the first person in my family to receive a Covid vaccine. I felt it was important to receive the vaccine as early as possible to not only help protect myself, my family, and our community but also demonstrate my confidence in the safety of the new vaccines. I received the Moderna vaccine and had a fever after both doses. Each time, the fever resolved within 24 hours. A temporary fever is a very small price to pay for the large benefit of getting vaccinated. I have strongly encouraged my family and friends to get vaccinated as well.


I received my first and second doses of the Moderna vaccine in December 2020 and January 2021. I was hesitant to receive the vaccine after a recent positive test for COVID19. Under the guidance of my primary care provider, and after my own thorough review of the literature, I felt the benefits far outweighed any potential risks. With the first dose, I experienced a few hours of fatigue and muscle aches approximately 12 hours after the injection. With the second dose, I experienced a much quicker and more intense onset of side effects, including headache, fever, and lightheadedness. These effects lasted less than two hours.


I have received both doses of Pfizer Covid19 Vaccine. I had only minor arm soreness and short time of chilling as side effects. Very happy and grateful to be able to recieve the vaccine!


Like a lot of people, I was a bit apprehensive at first, but really felt that it was my duty to get this vaccine to protect those I love and others in the community. We need to conquer this thing! My first does resulted in a sore arm. The shot itself hurt less than the flu shot. About 24 hours after my second dose, I was a bit lethargic and had some body aches, and of course the injection site hurt. Those symptoms were gone by the next day. I feel a lot of gratitude for having access to a vaccine that so many people want and need.


About two days after the second dose my lymph nodes in my armpit were swollen and somewhat painful. Nothing that wasn't manageable with Tylenol. This only last about three days. I felt great otherwise!


I received the vaccine because my sister (who is a nationally recognized doctor of microbiology) and I had a couple hour conversation about the science behind the vaccine. Once I voiced all of my concerns (not tested long enough, new type of vaccine, etc.). My doctor sister explained to me that the type of vaccine isn't really new, and that it has been used for years now. Used with a great deal of research as well. She explained to me that the vaccine had still been researched on a very large number of people, but just not the amount that it would normally take (tens of thousands vs. hundreds of thousands). She was part of the groups of scientist that reviewed all of the data to look for ANY signs of issues that the vaccine had. She was very impressed at the data and statistics. So impressed that she was surprised at what science can do when it is well funded and scientist work together toward a common goal. I received my first dose with absolutely no side affects whatsoever. I did not have any pain in my arm, or tiredness, like I seen that some of my co-workers had. Three weeks later, when I got my second dose, I had no pain in the arm or anything. I did have a slight bit of fatigue the next day, but nothing that a couple of cups of coffee couldn't fully combat. All and all, it was a fairly pleasant process, when compared to other vaccines that I've had in the past.


I got the vaccine because it is the right thing to do, for me, my family, and community. After the first shot, my arm was more sore than after a flu shot, but I didn't need ibuprofen to deal with it. After my second shot, no reaction at all. My arm was less sore than after the first. I felt fine, went about my usual activities. I'm encouraging everyone to get it when the opportunity presents itself.


Hello, after my first shot I had some arm soreness for about a week and a headache off and on. After my second shot I again had arm soreness for about a week and then felt fine. I had no other symptoms. Very appreciative of being able to get the vaccine!!!!


I got the vaccine because I want to stay healthy and I want to keep other healthy. I feel very fortunate that I work for a company who allowed me to get it before others. I had no side effects from the first shot. I got the 2nd shot at 9am and at 9pm I had major chills and a high fever. The next morning I had some chills and a headache, which subsided with Ibuprofen. The following day I was fine. I have no concerns and have done little research to make my decision because Bryan provides a lot of information and I watch the weekly News Briefings.


I chose to get the vaccine as an added layer of protection from the horrible COVID19 virus. I have a high risk daughter, so am doing everything I can to mitigate the risk to her. Also, someday, I hope to take the mask off! I breastfeed, so I called a pharmacist, my OB, and my daughter's pediatrician before making a decision. They all (hands down, no reservations) felt the benefits of the vaccine far outweighed the risks. I got my first vaccination with no side effects. It didn't even sting going in. My arm was slightly sore. The 2nd vaccine, my arm was pretty sore. After about 12 hours, I had a headache and body aches. I slept a lot over the next two days and my headache worsened. All symptoms were gone within 48 hours. I have no regrets and would do it again in a heartbeat!


I chose to receive the vaccine because of my family and friends. I wanted to be a positive influence on my son, especially, to know that health matters in every aspect of life. It was important to me so that I could be part of the solution and for friends and family to see that this was a good thing. I did not experience any side effects after the first shot. My arm hurt for a bit, but, that was it. Yes, the second shot got me. I was achy and extremely fatigued. However, I did make it into work! Some of my co-workers were glad to have gotten theirs on a Friday to have the weekend to recover. Honestly, I did not do any research. I know, that probably sounds bad. I have faith in our medical and scientific community. They are working for our good, and, nothing else. I might be a bit too trusting. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Or, to get the vaccine. If you have underlying medical issues that concern you, yes, investigate and ask questions. You have to advocate for your own health. By getting the vaccine, I felt I was not only advocating for myself, but, those around me.


I am so very thankful that I was able to receive the vaccination. I received the Pfizer vaccine, and with my first shot I had a slight fever one evening, and had minor body aches for about 3 days. My second shot had even fewer side effects with just a very sore arm for 1 day.


MY WHY: I chose to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to help protect my children, who are ineligible to receive the vaccine at this time. My husband and I also have pre-existing conditions that put us at higher risk. In addition, having seen my grandmother pass away from complications resulting from a COVID-19 infection, and hearing Bryan Health providers and staff members share heart-wrenching stories of caring for extremely sick and dying patients, I understand that COVID-19 is a real and serious threat. After doing some research using credible sources, and after hearing multiple medical experts who have decades of experience (certainly more than I do as a non-medical professional) speak on the topic, I felt confident in putting my trust in the vaccine and am grateful to have had the opportunity. MY VACCINATION EXPERIENCE: I received the Moderna vaccine. Approximately 12-48 hours afterward, my arm was extremely sore near the injection site - but it did not affect my daily routine. I was very tired that same night but felt back to normal the following day. After my second dose, my arm was once again sore but not as bad. And I did not experience fatigue. I noticed no other symptoms.


I was happy to get the vaccine in order to protect my family and help my community move past the COVID-19 pandemic. After my second shot, I had body aches and chills, as well as dizziness and mental fogginess. These symptoms lasted about 36 hours - from the evening of my shot day through the end of the next day. However, I woke up feeling fine the next morning after that. I am glad to have the vaccination, and I would encourage others considering it.


With the first shot my arm hurt that night and the next day. I was expecting to have more side effects with the second shot, but I didn't. I actually had even less side effects than the first one. My arm hurt that night and I went to bed early. The next day I only had a mild headache which went away with Advil. I had no other side effects. I am very thankful to have received the vaccine to protect myself and my family. I look forward to my family and others receiving the vaccine to further protect everyone.


To me receiving the vaccine was not only to protect myself, but to protect my family. I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude after receiving both my first and second dose. As someone who may want to grow our family in the future, I did have concerns about whether the vaccine would prevent that from happening; however, after taking time to listen to health experts, I made the decision to receive the vaccine. As far as side effects, I had a sore arm a few hours after getting both doses. After the second, I woke up with chills and aches. But it only lasted for about 12 hours. I was tired the next day, but that was about it. I highly encourage others to get theirs so together we can put an end to COVID.


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