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Community Health Seminars

Providing you with timely health information, our latest innovations and treatments

Each month we bring you community health seminars on our latest innovations, treatments and health topics of interest. Check our or monthly calendar of events to see our upcoming community health seminars.

Below is a listing of past community health seminars, their speaker, video presentation and any handouts provided.

How to Live with Your "Broken" Heart?

April 25, 2017
John Steuter, MD Bryan Heart cardiologist and Heather Mosley, APRN

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Radon: Could your home and family be at risk?

June 23, 2016
Matt Loehr, health industrial hygiene specialist

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What can be done about my shoulder pain?

April 14, 2016
Presented by Keith Lawson, MD

Women, Hormones and Heart Disease

March 31, 2016
Presented by Stephen Swanson, MD, FACOG

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My Racing Heart: What Does It Mean?

February 9, 2016
Presented by Bryan Heart cardiologist, Robert Percell, MD

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Make Ahead Freezer Meals

November 19, 2015
Presented by Alice Henneman

Wouldn’t it be nice to come home and know dinner is assembled and “in the bag,” ready to be cooked? Alice Henneman, registered dietitian nutritionist and UNL extension educator, will share tips, recipes and an extensive handouts for creating make-ahead freezer meals. Learn which foods freeze well (and which don’t), freezing techniques that maintain best food quality, how to freeze healthier meals than you can buy and how you can save time and eat better with these meals.

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Concussion: Under Recognized and Under Treated

September 3, 2015

Because of the Nebraska Concussion Awareness Act and other new laws, we hear more about concussions; but many still are uninformed regarding recognition, treatment and management of concussions. Join representatives from the Brain Injury Association of Nebraska to learn how to recognize a concussion and identify management strategies and resources available in both your school and community.

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Total Knee Replacement

July 28, 2015

Have you suffered a sports injury during your high school, college or post-college years? Have you experienced changes in your ability to maintain your active lifestyle due to knee pain? Douglas Tewes, MD, orthopaedic surgeon at Lincoln Orthopaedic Center discusses details about knee treatment options, including total knee replacement, the new pain control protocols and the importance of physical therapy after surgery.

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May 5, 2015

You're So Vein: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment for Vein Disease

Presented by cardiologist, Timothy Gardner, MD

Do you have swelling in the lower legs and ankles, restless legs, spider veins or varicose veins? It’s estimated that at least 80 million Americans suffer from some form of venous (vein) disease. If untreated this can lead to a multitude of health problems. Join Timothy Gardner, MD, Bryan Heart, and learn more about your veins and how they work, what happens when they don’t work and treatment options.

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April 21, 2015

Don't Let Headache Pain Limit Your Life

Presented by interventional radiologist, Michael Budler, MD

Pain from classic or episodic migraines, cluster headaches and trigeminal neuralgia can be a constant daily ache or intense, debilitating occurrence. Learn more about an effective, outpatient treatment that could change your life. SphenoCath treatment provides immediate and ongoing pain relief, and is safe for children, adults and pregnant women. Join Michael Budler, MD, Advanced Radiology, and learn more about how the treatment works, its effectiveness and if you’re a candidate for this revolutionary new treatment. Pre-registration is required.

March 26, 2015

How to Stop the Shakes: Help for Parkinson's Disease and Tremors

Presented by neurosurgeon, Benjamin Gelber, MD

Parkinson’s disease affects both men and women in almost equal numbers. It shows no social, ethnic, economic or geographic boundaries. In the United States, it is estimated that 60,000 new cases are diagnosed each year, joining the one million Americans who currently have Parkinson's disease. Neurosurgeon, Benjamin Gelber, MD from Neurological and Spinal Surgery will discuss the specifics of Parkinson’s disease, give an overview of the Deep Brain Stimulation procedure, discuss who is a good candidate for the procedure, and how the results are documented.

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October 28, 2014

Quick, Tasty, Healthy, 5-Ingredient Recipes

Presented by Alice Henneman, MS, RDN

Five is the magic number for ingredients we want in a recipe. Whether we’re talking about a main dish, soup, salad, sandwich or side dish, our eyes begin to glaze over as the number of ingredients goes beyond five. Learn to cook delicious dinners in less time (and for less money!) than it takes to eat out. In addition, you’ll probably have or can easily stock up on most of the staples so there’s little shopping for extra ingredients.
Join Alice Henneman, registered dietitian nutritionist and UNL Extension Educator, as she shares tips, recipes and an extensive handout for making quick, delicious, and nutritious 5-ingredient dishes.

View a copy of the handout.

August 26, 2014

Arthritis That is Really in Your Head

Presented by Robert M. Valente, MD

Board Certified Rheumatologist, Dr. Robert Valente, will discuss how Polymyalgia Rheumatic (PMR) and Giant Cell Arthritis can affect the head, neck and shoulders, and why early detection and treatment are crucial to managing these diseases.

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