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Bryan Health Connect
Provider Members

Our network includes physicians, advanced care practitioners, hospitals and health care facilities across Nebraska working together to provide quality care to patients.

Physician Office Name

29 Providers Advanced Medical Imaging
4 Providers Advanced Physical Therapy
7 Providers Advanced Radiology - Grand Island
3 Providers Advanced Radiology Lincoln
14 Providers Alivation Health
10 Providers Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Assoc P.C.
1 Provider Alleviate Enterprise
1 Provider Antelope Creek Family Physicians
3 Providers Antelope Family Practice
13 Providers Antelope Memorial Hospital
5 Providers Ashland Family Clinic
89 Providers Associated Anesthesiologists, P.C.
4 Providers Basler Dermatology
73 Providers Beatrice Community Hospital and Health Center
2 Providers Beatrice Immunization Clinic
15 Providers Beatrice Internal Medicine
11 Providers Beatrice Medical Center
2 Providers Beatrice Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
20 Providers Beatrice Women's and Children's Clinic
11 Providers Blue Valley Behavioral Health-Auburn
12 Providers Blue Valley Behavioral Health-Crete
9 Providers Blue Valley Behavioral Health-David City
15 Providers Blue Valley Behavioral Health-Fairbury
13 Providers Blue Valley Behavioral Health-Falls City
10 Providers Blue Valley Behavioral Health-Geneva
25 Providers Blue Valley Behavioral Health-Lincoln
15 Providers Blue Valley Behavioral Health-Nebraska City
2 Providers Blue Valley Behavioral Health-Pawnee City
12 Providers Blue Valley Behavioral Health-Seward
9 Providers Blue Valley Behavioral Health-Wahoo
12 Providers Blue Valley Behavioral Health-York
43 Providers Blue Valley Behavioral Health
4 Providers Bluestem Health Kreshel Clinic
1 Provider Bluestem Health/Health 360
1 Provider Bluestem Health/Thompson Clinic
13 Providers Bluestem Health
2 Providers Blumenstock Family Eyecare
1 Provider Board Certified Orthopedics
21 Providers Boone County Health Center
6 Providers Brown County Hospital
2 Providers Bryan Bariatric Advantage
1 Provider Bryan Breast Surgical Specialists
1 Provider Bryan Center for Sleep Medicine
10 Providers Bryan Heart - Suite 400
5 Providers Bryan Heart - Suite 500
8 Providers Bryan Heart Cardiothoracic Surgery
9 Providers Bryan Heart Grand Island
2 Providers Bryan Heart Mary Lanning Cardiology
7 Providers Bryan Heart Vascular Surgery
31 Providers Bryan Heart
3 Providers Bryan Inpatient Pain Consultants
2 Providers Bryan LifePointe
7 Providers Bryan Neurology
3 Providers Bryan Orthopedic Trauma
5 Providers Bryan Palliative Care
15 Providers Bryan Psychiatry
18 Providers Bryan Trauma
7 Providers Bryan Urgent Care - Northwest
6 Providers Bryan Urgent Care - Southeast
10 Providers Bryan Urgent Care
13 Providers Bryan Women's Care Physicians
5 Providers Cancer Partners of Nebraska, Medical and Radiation Oncology
14 Providers Cancer Partners of Nebraska
6 Providers Capital Foot & Ankle
1 Provider Carlson Psychiatric Services PC
2 Providers Cedar Plains Family Medicine
3 Providers Center for Maternal & Fetal Care
6 Providers Central City Medical Clinic
5 Providers Central Nebraska Orthopedics and Sports Medicine PC
1 Provider Central Plains Aesthetic Surgery
8 Providers Chase County Community Hospital
3 Providers Cheney Ridge Family Medical Clinic
24 Providers Cherry County Hospital
2 Providers Children and Adolescent Behavioral Clinic-Grand Island
7 Providers Children and Adolescent Clinic PC
3 Providers Children's First Pediatrics
6 Providers Clearwater Clinic
11 Providers Community Hospital - Fairfax
33 Providers Community Hospital - McCook
7 Providers Community Medical Center - Falls City
6 Providers Complete Children's Health-Northwoods
5 Providers Complete Children's Health-Salt Creek
6 Providers Complete Children's Health-South
14 Providers Complete Children's Health
5 Providers Complete Endocrinology
9 Providers Consultants in Infectious Disease
6 Providers Contemporary Obstetrics and Gynecology, PC
24 Providers Crete Area Medical Center
10 Providers Crete Medical Clinic
12 Providers Curtis Medical Clinic
3 Providers David Samani, M.D.
1 Provider Deck Family Practice
4 Providers Dermatology Associates of Lincoln
7 Providers Doctors of Children
4 Providers Dundy County Hospital
11 Providers Ear Nose Throat Specialties
6 Providers Elgin Clinic
10 Providers Elgin Veterans Medical Center
4 Providers Fallbrook Family Health Center
5 Providers Family Health & Wellness Center
6 Providers Family Medicine of Lincoln
1 Provider Family Practice Associates
14 Providers Family Practice of Grand Island, P.C.
1 Provider Family Practice of Waverly
3 Providers Friend Medical Clinic
6 Providers Fullerton Medical Clinic
28 Providers Gage County Medical Clinic
31 Providers Gastroenterology Specialties
6 Providers General Surgery Associates, LLC
10 Providers Gothenburg Memorial Hospital
8 Providers Grand Island Dermatology
5 Providers Grand Island Radiology Associates, P.C.
17 Providers Grand Island Regional Medical Center
5 Providers Greeley Rural Health Clinic
6 Providers Gynecology & Fertility
4 Providers Hart & Arndt Family Health
1 Provider Hastings Radiology Associates, PC
17 Providers Heartland Neonatology Associates
2 Providers Heartland Radiology
5 Providers Heartland Speech and Lanaguage
13 Providers Henderson Health Care
5 Providers Holmes Lake Family Medicine & Internal Medicine
4 Providers Holy Family Medical Associates
1 Provider HoriSun Hospice
15 Providers Howard County Hospital
4 Providers Howard County Medical Clinic
3 Providers Husker Rehab - Beatrice
2 Providers Husker Rehab - Fairbury
2 Providers Husker Rehab - Nebraska City
1 Provider Husker Rehab - South Lincoln
2 Providers Husker Rehab - Speedway
5 Providers Husker Rehab
2 Providers Innovative Community Health
81 Providers Inpatient Physician Associates
9 Providers Integrated Pediatrics, PC
20 Providers Jefferson Community Health and Life
45 Providers Kearney Regional Medical Center
42 Providers Lexington Regional Health Center
3 Providers Lincoln Aesthetic Surgical Institute
8 Providers Lincoln Eye and Laser Institute
2 Providers Lincoln Family Medical Group
1 Provider Lincoln Family Wellness
11 Providers Lincoln Internal Medicine
58 Providers Lincoln Medical Education Partnership
13 Providers Lincoln Pediatric Hospitalist
12 Providers Lincoln Nephrology & Hypertension
9 Providers Lincoln OB/GYN, P.C.
27 Providers Lincoln Orthopedic Physical Therapy
1 Provider Lincoln Orthopedic Physical Therapy - Ashland
7 Providers Lincoln Orthopedic Physical Therapy - North
1 Provider Lincoln Orthopedic Physical Therapy - North Aquatics
3 Providers Lincoln Orthopedic Physical Therapy - Northeast
5 Providers Lincoln Orthopedic Physical Therapy - Performance
4 Providers Lincoln Orthopedic Physical Therapy - South - Pine Lake
5 Providers Lincoln Orthopedic Physical Therapy - South - Williamsburg
19 Providers Lincoln Pediatric Group
11 Providers Lincoln Radiology Group, PC
1 Provider Lincoln Regional Center
5 Providers Loup City Medical Clinic
1 Provider Macauley Psychiatric Services, PC
4 Providers Madonna Rehabilitation Physicians
2 Providers Mary Lanning Hospital
11 Providers Memorial Community Health
26 Providers Memorial Health Care System
21 Providers Merrick Medical Center
1 Provider Midwest Ear Nose and Throat Specialists
9 Providers Midwest Pain Clinic, PC
2 Providers Midwest Pain Clinic-Columbus
1 Provider Milford Family Medical Center
9 Providers Nance County Medical Clinic
1 Provider Nebraska Dermatology, L.L.C.
34 Providers Nebraska Emergency Medicine
16 Providers Nebraska Hematology-Oncology Cancer Center P.C.
8 Providers Nebraska Internal Medicine
2 Providers Nebraska Medicine of Grand Island
2 Providers Nebraska Neurosurgery Group, LLC
15 Providers Nebraska Orthopaedic Center, PC, North
24 Providers Nebraska Orthopaedic Center, PC, South
29 Providers Nebraska Pulmonary Specialties
9 Providers Neurological and Spinal Surgery
2 Providers Neurology Associates
1 Provider New Brain Frontier
2 Providers New Life Obstetrics & Gynecology
10 Providers Newman Grove Medical Clinic
7 Providers NorthPointe Family Medicine
5 Providers Omaha Eye and Laser Institute
2 Providers Oral Facial and Implant Surgery Center
6 Providers Orchard Clinic
11 Providers Pathology Medical Services
2 Providers Pathology Specialists, LLC
1 Provider Pathways to Compassion Hospice
5 Providers Pediatrics PC
47 Providers Platte Valley Medical Clinic
4 Providers Platte Valley Women's Healthcare
2 Providers Plaza West Psychiatrists
4 Providers Prairie Center Internal Medicine and Nephrology
15 Providers Prairie Orthopaedic and Plastic Surgery, PC
1 Provider Saline Medical Specialties
1 Provider Salvati LLC
31 Providers Saunders County Hospital
4 Providers Seward Family Medical Center
1 Provider SH Psychiatric Services
9 Providers Southeast Lincoln Family Medicine & Internal Medicine
10 Providers Spaulding Medical Clinic
4 Providers St. Paul Rural Health Clinic
1 Provider Stepping Stone
5 Providers Surgery Group of Grand Island
1 Provider Surgical Associates, PC
5 Providers Sutton Family Practice
2 Providers Teledigm Physician Services, LLC
6 Providers Tilden Clinic
13 Providers Trenton Medical Clinic
24 Providers Tri-Valley Health System
1 Provider Trinity Psychological Services, PC
15 Providers Urology PC
2 Providers Utica Family Medical Center
3 Providers Valley County Health System
2 Providers Vitalize Health
1 Provider Wholehearted Healthcare PC
3 Providers Wilber Medical Clinic
7 Providers Women's Clinic of Lincoln
8 Providers Women's Healthcare Center of Williamsburg
16 Providers Wymore Medical Clinic
9 Providers York General Health Care Services


1 Provider Adult Medicine
2 Providers Aesthetics
10 Providers Allergy/Asthma
126 Providers Anesthesiology
2 Providers Audiology
2 Providers Bariatric/Weight Loss Surgery
1 Provider Breast Surgical Oncology
18 Providers Cancer
49 Providers Cardiology
11 Providers Cardiothoracic Surgery
5 Providers Critical Care Medicine
7 Providers Dermatology
7 Providers Ear, Nose and Throat
4 Providers Electrophysiology
51 Providers Emergency Medicine
4 Providers Endocrinology
369 Providers Family Practice
27 Providers Gastroenterology
22 Providers General Surgery
1 Provider Gynecologic Surgical Oncology
16 Providers Hospitalist
7 Providers Infectious Disease
129 Providers Internal Medicine
6 Providers Interventional and Vascular Radiology
8 Providers Interventional Cardiology
4 Providers Maternal-Fetal Medicine
47 Providers Mental Health/Behavioral Health
15 Providers Neonatology
13 Providers Nephrology
16 Providers Neurology
11 Providers Neurosurgery
55 Providers OB/GYN
3 Providers Occupational Therapy
28 Providers Oncology
5 Providers Ophthalmology
4 Providers Optometrist
2 Providers Oral Surgery
1 Provider Orthopedic Hand Surgery
3 Providers Orthopedic Surgery
2 Providers Orthopedic Trauma
53 Providers Orthopedics
12 Providers Otolaryngology
2 Providers Pain Management
4 Providers Palliative Care
17 Providers Pathology
79 Providers Pediatrics
5 Providers Physiatry
38 Providers Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation
4 Providers Plastic Surgery
13 Providers Podiatry
26 Providers Psychiatry
29 Providers Pulmonology
2 Providers Radiation Oncology
54 Providers Radiology
1 Provider Sleep Medicine
3 Providers Speech Therapy
3 Providers Surgical Critical Care
1 Provider Telemedicine
18 Providers Trauma
17 Providers Urology
7 Providers Vascular Surgery
3 Providers Women's Health

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