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Gifts for Patients

Your Gifts Matter

If you have questions, please contact Volunteers and Customer Care at or call 402-481-3032.

Your interest in giving gifts to our patients and families is appreciated. Please understand that because of health care policies, there are specific kinds of items we can and cannot accept. If you or your organization would like to donate such gifts to Bryan patients, please review this list of acceptable items and follow the steps on how to give. Thank you for your generosity - you make a difference in patients' lives! Please note that because of infection control policies and other regulations, all donated items must be new and never used.

Steps for Gift Giving

Please contact Volunteers and Customer Care at or call 402-481-3032 and:

  • Let us know the type of gifts you would like to give, providing details so that we can make sure it meets gift criteria for a health care organization
  • Provide your name and contact information in case we have questions
  • Arrange a time to deliver accepted gifts

If the gifts you wish to give are not on this list, please check with other places that may be able to accept your donation. For more information, please visit


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