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You Can Help to Make A Difference

If you would like to speak with someone directly about making a gift to our Nurse Navigators for Oncology and Cardiology campaign, please contact the Bryan Foundation at 402-481-8605 or

Nurse Navigators for Oncology and Cardiology

The Lives You Enrich

A diagnosis of cancer or heart disease can be overwhelming, but at Bryan Health we are here to help. A Nurse Navigator can make this difficult time more manageable and less frightening for you and your loved ones. Nurse Navigators are an active resource for diagnosed cancer or heart failure patients providing individualized support according to your specific needs and cancer plans.

Studies have shown that Nurse Navigators provide many benefits, including patient satisfaction, decreased patient anxiety, decreased lengths of stay and reduced treatment delays. Patients continue to express a desire for additional information from health care professionals. When patients are well informed of their options and have a personalized plan, their quality of life improves.

From diagnosis through recovery, a Nurse Navigator can help you:

  • Understand your diagnosis and treatment options
  • Know what to expect from your treatment, and manage any symptoms and side effects
  • Help you locate and prepare for your appointments
  • Convey questions or concerns to your doctors and your health care team
  • Coordinate care with other providers such as pharmacists, dietitians and social workers
  • Understand your medications
  • Refer you to the Bryan LifeSpring Cancer Recovery Program, which helps cancer patients improve their quality of life, or the Bryan Heart Improvement Program, for managing your symptoms.
  • Connect you with other community resources

Why is an endowment needed?

Currently, Medicare, Medicaid and private health insurance plans do not pay for Nurse Navigator services. However, Bryan believes these are essential health care services that can provide patients with excellent education and improve patients and families’ quality of life. To continue, enhance and grow the Nurse Navigator program, a private endowment fund is vital to sustain these services in perpetuity.

The Nurse Navigator fund requires a $1.5 million endowment to support in perpetuity a $60,000 annual salary, ensuring all patients, include those from rural communities have access to and support from a Nurse Navigator.

To learn more about giving opportunities to the Nurse Navigator Campaign, please contact Valerie Hunt at 402-481-3169 or or DeEtta Mayrose, 402-481-8287 or


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