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b2020 Campaign

Choose Your Impact

Join us in our legacy, and your legacy.

We’re happy to visit with you about the future you envision and how to make it a reality.

To learn more and visit with us, call 402-481-8605.

The b2020 comprehensive campaign is the future you envision, not only for yourself, but for your family and friends, neighbors and community. It is preparing for the future while remaining attentive to present needs. It is building upon a legacy, not leaving future to chance, rather designing it by choice.

What’s important to you – a healing, comforting environment; advanced technology; spirituality and support; knowledgeable and caring staff to guide your care. The opportunities are endless and the choice is yours.

Will you help us build upon a legacy?

Join us and choose your impact. Create a legacy of compassion for this generation and the next through your support today.

Choose Your Impact, Open Doors for Opportunity

You can make in difference in so many ways.

The Environment You Create

Your surroundings affect how you feel. We see this in our homes and the thought we put into them to create a comfortable atmosphere. At Bryan, we put that same thought into our rooms and areas throughout the medical center – focusing on aspects to promote comfort and healing, providing conveniences to enhance care for our patients and visitors, and offering services that can help you return to your home and life sooner.

Opportunities Include:

  • NICU Rooftop
  • Specialty Clinic
  • Patient Rooms
  • Operating Rooms
  • Opportunities present in all areas of Bryan Health

Thanks to the generosity of our community, our new Bryan Independence Center facility offers a comfortable and healing environment for our patients and families, and renovation for our Bryan West Campus Chapel is underway.

The Lives You Enrich

The heart and soul of care comes from our staff, their dedication, knowledge and drive to move forward, continue to learn and provide the best care possible. You can help them by supporting advanced training and learning opportunities, and when you do you enrich their lives and the countless patients and families they serve.

Opportunities Include:

  • Advance nursing and staff certification
  • Nurse navigators
  • Symposiums and lectures
  • Community health screenings
The Knowledge You Help Impart

You can make dreams come true. A student’s dream to become a nurse, an ultrasound technologist or go to medical school. A dream to help others heal and restore health.

At Bryan College of Health Sciences, your support through scholarships helps students attend college to achieve their dreams. We give students the knowledge and support to follow their dreams, you can be the support that makes it a reality.

Opportunities Include:

Campaign Progress

b2020 is a comprehensive campaign to raise $40 million to improve health in our region. It began in 2010 and ends in 2020. To date through the generous support of friends of Bryan, we have surpassed the halfway point with $28 million raised.

b2020 campaign progress

With your help and support, we are paving a way to a better health care future for you, your loved ones, your neighbors, our community and our region.


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