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Published on March 01, 2022

Kearney Regional Medical Center Celebrates Doctors' Day

Wednesday, March 30th is National Doctors Day!
The staff at Kearney Regional Medical Center would like to say “thank you” to the 180+ physicians that practice at KRMC for caring for our patients and striving every day to improve the health of our community.
doctors day krmc
Today and every day, we celebrate you!

Adler, Kaelyse N., PA-C
Ali, Maysun N., DO
Allen, John L., MD
Atchison, Joel R., MD
Badejo, Adeleke E., MD
Baker, John J., MD
Bandel, Scot W., DPM
Barnes, Ellen P., PA
Bartt, Russell E., MD
Beck, John A., MD
Becker, Terry A., MD
Benavides, David A., MD
Bennett, Alicia E., DO
Beranek, Kaitlyn T., PA
Bibler, Michael C., DO
Binderup, Sarah S., PA
Blecha, Jonathan P., MD
Bogitch, Ray M., MD
Bracht, Kirsten A., MD
Budler, Michael W., MD
Buettner, Nicole L., PA-C
Burr, Juli M., RN
Burton, Rachael E., CRNA
Caha, Melissa A., DO
Campbell, Patrick A., CRNA
Cantral, David E., MD
Carey, Kenneth B., MD, DDS
Carranza, Brett J., DDS
Casper, Allison M., PA
Casper, Andrew D., MD
Chang, Ira, MD
Clark, Amy M., MD
Cohen, Samuel M., MD
Cole, Megan M., MD
Connely, Thomas V., MD
Craft, Sarah R., PA-C
Crandall, Robert B., DO
Crockett, Heber C., MD
Davis, Kassandra M., MD
DeBlis, Ryan C., MD
Deeds, Niki A., PA-C
Denney, Sean D., MD
Derr, Jenna N., MD
Duncan, Stephen B., CRNA
Edwards, Lorraine L., MD
Elliott-Pearson, Deborah L., MD
Ernst, Beth M., MD
Fanale, Christopher V., MD
Fisher, Katy R., CRNA
Fletcher, Michelle P., PA
Fredericksen, Valerie S., APRN
Fritzen, Jason T., PA
Geisler, Cortney A., APRN
Gerber, Amanda J., MD
Gewecke, Megan M., PsyD
Ghosh, Anirban, MD
Gierhan, Sarah L., APRN
Goldfish, Randall L., MD
Gossat, David M., MD
Graff, Taylor M., CST
Graham, Adam K., MD
Gregg, Jessica M., APRN
Hart, Jonathan D., MD
Hartl, Nicholas J., MD
Haskett, Steven C., MD
Hatch, Jessica M., MD
Hays, Lisa R., PA
Herbig, Amy Jo, MD
Herold, Daniel J., MD
Herrada, Rochelle K., APRN
Hilliard, Kim A., PA
Hilliard, Russell G., MD
Himmelberg, Jeffrey A., MD
Horiuchi, Kimberly A., MD
Howe, Scott F., MD
Huxoll, Brooke A., PA
Islam, Imtiaz, MBBS
Jacobsen, John R., MD
Johng, Kwang Hee A., CRNA
Johnson, Matthew S., MD
Jorgensen, Amie J., MD
Keifer, Katherine A., MD
Kim, Young M., MD
Kitabatake, Yuji, PA
Kleinman, Jonathan T., MD
Klug, Jeffrey R., MD
Koepsell, Scott A., MD, PhD
Kohtz, Bruce L., PA
Kolar, Nicholas F., PA
Koster, Kendee D., PA
Kratochvil-Stava, Angela J., MD
Krieger, Michele A., MD
Kung, Nathan H., MD
Lackore, Evin M., MD
Lampe, Emily M., MD
Lanspa, Thomas J., MD
Larson, Brandi J., NP
Larson, Earl K., MD
Larson, Stephanie L., MD
Lauer, Scott R., MD
Lawson, Kristin R., MD
Lawson, Michael R., MD
Lazenby, Audrey J., MD
Lewis, Cynthia M., MD
Lienemann, Kylee M., APRN
Lienemann, Taryn E., PA-C
Lind, Diana M., DO
Linton, Shannon K., APRN
Loeffler, Jesse, MD
Lund, Bryce H., MD
Mahalek, James M., MD
Mahalek, Kati R., CRNA
Mansuetta, Nicholas T., DO
Mason, Tim S., APRN
Matheny, Robert G., MD
May, Nolan R., MD
McClaren, Jason M., CRNA
McClellan, DeAnn M., APRN
McGowan, Dennis P., MD
McKeag, Burt J., MD
McReynolds, Joel G., PA
Merz, Jeff T., MD
Messbarger, Robert, MD
Meyer, J Paul, MD
Mickelsen, Phillip L., MD
Miller, Annette, MD
Mlnarik, Jenny L., RN
Moeller, Brittani E., DO
Murray, Chadd S., MD
Murray, Dawn M., MD
Myers, Kyle S., MD
Nielsen, Paul J., MD
O'Brien, Taya N., APRN
O'Hare, Brady, MD
O'Neill, Yohanis n., MD
Peterson, Kelsey K., APRN
Pfeifer, Kyle M., MD
Philpot, Keri H., MD
Pietrini, Sean D., MD
Pirruccello, Samuel J., MD
Pohlman, Garrett D., MD
Pritschau, Jami L., MD
Prososki, Andrew M., MD
Qdaisat, Tareq Z., MD
Reimers, Arin E., PA-C
Rivard, Matthew J., MD
Rodgers, Bradley D., MD
Rodriguez, Eric J., MD
Rodriguez, Paul, MD
Ruyle, Jon D., CST
Saif, Ishrat A., MD
Sauberan, Donald P., MD
Schanbacher, David M., MD
Schapmann, Adam J., PA-C
Schulte, John H., MD
Scott, Jonathan W., MD
Sinha Ray, Abhisekh N., MD
Smith, Scott L., MD
Sokolowski, David A., MD
Spencer, Byron R., MD
Spencer, Wendell D., CRNA
Stade, Melissa R., MD
Stivers, Nicole M., CRNA
Swanson, Benjamin J., MD
Sydow, Stephanie A., NP
Torpin, Gina M., MD
Varma, Vivek K., MD
Vasudevan, Gopikrishnan, MD
Virus, Trelby L., CST
Wagner, Jeffery C., MD
Walsh, Jason D., MD
Walz, Nicole A., PA
Weber, Jan C., MD
Weber, Matthew J., MD
Wehling, Merlin J., MD
Weir, David H., MD
Wheeler, Matthew J., MD
Wickerath, James R., MD
Wilkinson, Chris E., MD
Williams, LaRoy E., MD
Wilson, Megan L., PA
Yuil Valdes, Ana G., MD


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