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Published on February 28, 2019

Bryan Medical Center Using New Treatment to Help Patients with Spinal Fractures 

Bryan Medical Center is using a new treatment, SpineJack, to help eliminate and reduce painful vertebral compression fractures in a patient’s spine.

“These types of fractures are injuries that are often under diagnosed and can cause debilitating back pain,” said Dr. Michael Budler, interventional radiologist with Advanced Radiology at Bryan Medical Center. “SpineJack is a new, minimally invasive alternative that significantly reduces pain and restores function to individuals who undergo the procedure. At Bryan, we’re committed to providing patients with access to the most advanced treatments available today, right here in Lincoln.”

Vertebral compression fractures (VCFs) occur when vertebrae in the spine crack, fracture or collapse. These injuries are most often caused by osteoporosis and affect nearly three-quarters of a million people annually in the United States. Unfortunately, almost two-thirds of those individuals do not seek treatment. 

New Approach that Significantly Reduces Pain

SpineJack is a new approach that can eliminate or significantly reduce pain from a spinal fracture. Available in three sizes to accommodate different patients, a titanium implant is inserted into the effected vertebrae. Bone cement is injected at low pressure to stabilize and restore height to the vertebrae. 

SpineJack treatment has been shown to improve a patient’s ability to perform daily tasks with less or no pain compared to the previous method, which inserted bone cement directly into the spinal cavity without an implant to hold it. It has also been effective in battling the opioid epidemic. The minimally invasive procedure helps prevent patients from relying on or becoming addicted to pain medication for relief. 

“I couldn’t stand, sit, or walk without excruciating pain. There was no way I was going to spend the rest of my life living like that,” said Duane Cassem, the third patient at Bryan Medical Center to undergo the treatment. “As far as I’m concerned, SpineJack is a miracle. Ever since my procedure, I’ve had no pain whatsoever.”

Bryan Medical Center performed its first SpineJack procedure in January. Dr. Budler is one of the first 10 physicians in the nation, and the only doctor in Nebraska, to receive training on this treatment.



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