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Published on November 13, 2015

Breaking Procrastination Habits to Reduce Stress

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A deadline is looming. The project you need to work on is like an insect buzzing in your ear. You’re ignoring it because you don’t want to do it, you’re afraid you won’t do it right, or you simply found something else you’d rather do. Problem is, behind all that procrastination is stress! Putting off things you need to do can only increase your stress level. How can you break the procrastination habit and feel less stress?

  1. Time it. Set a timer (see, smart phones are good for something more than procrastination) and tell yourself you will deal with the task for the amount of time on the timer. Patching the paint on those walls won’t seem as daunting if you set a time for 30 minutes and tell yourself that’s all you have to do.
  2. Get help from your buds -your ear buds. Tune out the outside world with some music. There is a lot of free music online and lots of categories for whatever you need. Finally tackling that mess in your living room will feel better with your favorite music playing.
  3. Reduce electronic distractions (other than music). Put the smartphone somewhere else, don’t check social media. Just focus on the task and set up a reward for yourself after it is done.

If banging through long-put off tasks doesn’t alleviate your worry, you may want to take a quick, free, confidential assessment of your mental health.


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