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2014 Trauma Champions Event

On April 24, Bryan Health held its sixth annual Tribute to Trauma Champions. This event honored the dedicated professionals involved in saving the lives of Rod Krogh and Cindy Renner.

It takes innovative and aggressive treatments to bring critically injured patients back from death, and that's just what the Nebraska Trauma System and Bryan Trauma Center have to celebrate at this year's Tribute to Trauma Champions.

Their triumphs are our greatest victories. Meet the 2014 honorees who overcame the most traumatic experiences of their lives.


A cement truck versus a small car. First responders to the scene were convinced there was no way anyone in the car was still alive. Rod Krogh was immediately rescued from the scene with little chance for survival.

Trapped in a medically induced coma with a fractured skull, the traumatic crash left Rod with one of the most severe brain injuries the Bryan Trauma Center had ever seen. Multiple setbacks including hypothermia, swelling of the brain and risks of meningitis created difficulties in Rod's road to recovery.

With patience and perseverance, a collaborative and meticulous team performed a myriad of procedures and stopped at nothing to give Rod back the life he deserved.

"I am eternally grateful, thankful and appreciative for everything that was done for me at Bryan."
- Rod Krogh



What started out as a normal day for Cindy Renner of Hickman, stopped abruptly as she collided head-on with the most life-threatening experience of her life. Suffering from extensive bleeding, severe lacerations and nearly every bone in her body fractured due to a traumatic car collision, Cindy was truly broken.

Hickman Fire and Rescue reported immediately to the scene and transported Cindy to Bryan Trauma Center where over 30 highly skilled professionals were waiting care for her when she arrived. The trauma team knew that although her situation was critical, they would not let it defeat her.

As Cindy slowly regained life, she never once doubted the dedicated trauma team.

"They knew exactly what they were doing. I'm thankful to be alive today to watch my grandchildren grow."
- Cindy Renner

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