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Sleeve Gastrectomy

Vertical sleeve gastrectomy, (VSG), is a restrictive type of weight loss surgery where a large section of the stomach is removed, leaving a thin banana or sleeve-shaped stomach.

The gastric sleeve surgery works in two basic ways: 

  • The stomach size is reduced, providing satisfaction with less food
  • Hunger hormones are reduced, causing less hunger and interest in food

Gastric sleeve surgery is almost always performed laparoscopically, meaning through small incisions. This minimally-invasive procedure uses several small incisions instead of one large incision. Laparoscopic surgery causes less discomfort, allowing a return to normal activities faster.

Weight loss surgery is an effective tool for permanent weight loss. Using this tool to gain the greatest results requires adapting lifestyle habits that support a healthy weight before and after your surgery is performed.

Health Benefits

Studies prove vertical sleeve gastrectomy:

  • Resolve type 2 diabetes in 70% of patients and often resolve the disease within days of surgery
  • Resolve or improve high blood pressure in 75% of patients
  • Improve high cholesterol in 78.4% of patients

These improvements are comparable with those seen after other weight loss surgeries.

Quality of Life

Quality of life studies have found that patients who had bariatric surgery:

  • Felt better and had more energy
  • Spent more time participating in recreational and physical activities
  • Experienced enhanced productivity and greater economic opportunities
  • More self-confidence than before surgery


On average, studies find that vertical sleeve gastrectomy patients are able to:

  • Leave the hospital after one or two days
  • Return to work in less than two weeks

Potential Concerns

Patients should supplement their diet with a daily multivitamin and calcium since they may not meet the recommended dietary intake.

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