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Weight Loss Surgery Patient Stories

A new lease on life, inspiring stories of success

Phillip's Story

phillip's story

Lost Nearly 180 Pounds

Phillip, a Create-Area Medical Center paramedic, says he is happier and much more able to enjoy life after weight loss surgery, exercise and support from the Bryan Bariatrics Program. Read more.

Megan's Story

Ashley, a nurse from Hastings knows the risks associated with being overweight. That's why she decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery in her transformation to lead a healthier lifestyle. Now 260 pounds lighter, Ashley is happier, more confident and thanks to the Bryan Bariatric Advantage team she is more educated on how to lead a healthy life.

Paige's Story

Lost 145 Pounds

At 39, Paige's brother passed away due to a heart attack. Knowing her life was also at risk, Paige knew she needed to make a change.

Inspired by Christina's story (see below), Paige got in contact with the Bryan Bariatric team and underwent bariatric surgery.

Today, she is leading and living a healthier life. She has committed to eating healthier, exercising and has the ability to keep up with her young son.

"I am now a better, healthier person," says Paige.

Rhonda's Story

Lost 150 Pounds

Before bariatric surgery, Rhonda weighed nearly 400 pounds and was unable to complete simple daily tasks such as tying her shoe. Today, the opportunities are endless for Rhonda. Now she's lacing up her shoes, taking the stairs and even biking. Something she never dreamed of before surgery.

"It's your life and it's your health," says Rhonda. "It was a commitment I had to make personally and mentally."

Brenda's Story

Lost 132 Pounds

When doctors told Brenda that if she didn't take control of her weight, she might no longer be around – that was the turning point. Her liver was no longer functioning properly and it was time to make a change.

Her doctor recommended Bryan Bariatric Advantage where she met the close-knit team that continues to support her in staying committed to a healthier lifestyle.

"The amount of things I am now able to do is innumerable, compared to before," said Brenda. "People also comment on how much happier I am and how much more confidence I have."

perrier christina

Today, the possibilities are
endless for Christina

Christina's Story

Lost 250 Pounds

"I was watching my life go by. Then I fully committed to losing weight, and it was like a new world opened up for me."

At 28, Christina weighed 430 pounds and was unable to walk without discomfort and fatigue. Christina knew she could no longer continue this lifestyle, enough was enough. Through her dedication and the expert team at Bryan, Christina lost over 250 pounds by evaluating her life, undergoing weight-loss surgery and committing herself to a healthy lifestyle.

Now she has a new lease on life!

Change Your Life, the Time is Now

We congratulate all our patients on their accomplishments and are proud to provide the range of services, care and support that changes lives.

If you're struggling with weight and have had enough, attend one of our weight-loss surgery information sessions. We're here to help you begin your journey.


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