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Bryan Center for Dizziness and Balance

At Bryan outpatient rehabilitation, we have the skilled physical therapists and advanced technology to help improve your balance in order to prevent future falls. We provide:

  • Balance and fall evaluations
  • Balance and fall therapy
  • Balance and fall education

Balance and Fall Evaluations

Our evaluation begins with a detailed history and clinical screening to determine what specific tests are appropriate for your condition.

Comprehensive Balance and Vestibular Evaluation

Your evaluation can include the Neurocom BalanceMaster. This equipment evaluates the three major systems involved in balance and measures their effectiveness in each subject. It uses highly sensitive force plates and compensatory surroundings to challenge and assess your response to environmental challenges. The data from these force plates are gathered and assessed by a computer and specialized software which measures the response of each system (visual, kinesthetic and vestibular). The Natus Invision system has the capability of objectively testing your brain's ability to integrate visual input. Video Frenzel Goggles can closely monitor and video record your eye movements which can give the therapist a wealth of information regarding inner ear issues. Using the tests listed below will help your therapist determine your risk for fall and how best to help you reduce these risks:
  • Video Frenzen Goggles
  • Neurocom Balance Master
  • Natus Invision System
  • VSR Sport
  • Berg balance test, Dynamic Gait Index, timed get up and go, 6M walk test, 4 square stepping test, functional reach and others.
Watch this short video to learn more:

Fall Evaluation

Your evaluation will focus specifically on the function of your inner ear by testing eye movements and responses of eye movements to head movements. Because the inner ear and nerves that control the eye muscles are connected, the data gathered by performing these tests and observing the visual response can help with diagnosis. This data can give your therapist specific information on the cause of your issues and design a program to address your unique needs. Also included is testing for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), the most common cause of dizziness.

Balance and Vestibular Therapy

Based on evaluation and testing, a specific treatment plan will  be developed to improve and develop your balance system. Our specially trained therapist will choose a focus of therapy consistent with your impairments. Your therapist will then work to improve your balance and decrease your risk of falling.

The vestibular system is an area that not all therapist are specifically trained in. Our therapists not only have specialized training but also have vestibular specialty certification. They'll work on improving and integrating all three systems including hyper- and hypo-active vestibular systems. We understand that not all vestibular issues can be improved with therapy but many can be helped by our program.

Balance and Fall Prevention Education

An extremely important part of the therapy process is physical therapy education. Once the data is collected from your evaluation, we will work with you to overcome the deficit and educate you on things you can do to decrease your risk of falling. Education topics could include:

  • Footwear
  • Balance strategies
  • Environmental changes
  • Medication awareness
  • Low light situations

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polly kubik

Polly Kubik, physical therapist, vestibular therapist

Polly Kubik, PT, is a 1995 graduate of the University of Nebraska Medical Center. She has done post-graduate studies in balance and vestibular rehabilitation including vestibular certification through Emory University; Neurocom Balance master integration training; and community based fall prevention work. The majority of her practice is working with neuro-rehabilitation patients. She provides comprehensive vestibular and balance testing services as well as prosthetic training for amputees.

Provides therapy at: Bryan West Campus

laura corbridge

Laura Corbridge, physical therapist 

Laura Corbridge received her master’s degree in physical therapy from the University of Iowa in 1999. She has worked with both adult and pediatric patients and specializes in treating those with neurological disorders including traumatic brain injury, stroke and other progressive neurological disorders. She also treats patients with chronic lung conditions. Laura has had advanced training in balance and vestibular rehabilitation including Neurocom Balance master integration training and Emory University’s certification of vestibular competency. Laura provides comprehensive vestibular balance testing services and pulmonary therapy.

Provides therapy at: Bryan West Campus


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