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Hospital Based, Medically Managed Care

A comprehensive approach to care

Take Control of Your Life Today

Call the Bryan Independence Center at 402-481-5268 to learn how to get help and become a better you.

Confidential information and crisis assistance is available 24-hours a day.

As part of Bryan Medical Center, the Bryan Independence Center has access to a full array of medical services and health professionals to better meet the many needs of each unique client.

Being hospital-based provides access to services such as: pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, emergency medical services, nutrition needs, and more. Each client is assigned an attending physician who completes an initial history and physical and determines all care received by the client.

Our attending physicians are psychiatrists from the Bryan Heartland Psychiatry group. Other physicians are available for consultation on other medical conditions.

We are fully accredited by the Joint Commission within the Behavioral Healthcare Standards.

Chemical Dependency Intervention Nurse

Often, patients admitted to a hospital for health problems also have substance abuse or dependency issues that are complicating their overall health. A patient's attending physician can request a consult by an intervention nurse.

We have two full-time intervention nurses on staff. They will see patients at any hospital in Lincoln.

Intervention nurses assess the patient for a possible substance use or addiction issue and make a recommendation to both the patient and the attending physician. Outcomes are more positive for the patient when substance abuse or dependency issues are identified and treated as another aspect of the overall medical care the patient is already receiving.


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