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Art Gallery

Healing through visual arts

The Bryan Medical Center Art Gallery promotes healing, enhances quality of life and reaffirms the human spirit through the visual arts. We invite you to stop by and view the unique and beautiful artwork created by local artists.

Located on the first floor of Bryan East Campus, the Art Gallery showcases a renowned artist each month. Displayed artwork is available for sale.

November Featured Artist - Carol Rustad

carol rustad art

Carol Rustad

Art is a visual language and a very personal form of communication. Its interpretation involves the human psyche. As an artist I present my insight based on my life's experiences, and viewers' responses are dictated by their unique experiences.

As long as I can remember I have felt the need to communicate through art. Whether I am expressing my love of nature or my observations of basic values of life, my main theme is the same. Beauty is all around me in simple, everyday encounters.

My style is lose and casual, exaggerated and bold, strong and simplified. Impulse, not accuracy dominates. Spontaneity accentuates feelings. Subject matter varies, but my thoughts remain unified. The dichotomy of constant change and eternal unity remains.

For 47 years, Carol has been involved in the arts, curating, volunteering, showing her work, and serving on art gallery and council boards. She has taught drawing and given many talks supporting the visual arts in Lincoln.  



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