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Art Gallery

Healing through visual arts

The Bryan Medical Center Art Gallery promotes healing, enhances quality of life and reaffirms the human spirit through the visual arts. We invite you to stop by and view the unique and beautiful artwork created by local artists.

Located on the first floor of Bryan East Campus, the Art Gallery showcases a renowned artist each month. Displayed artwork is available for sale.

October Featured Artist - Anne Goddard

ann goddard art

Anne Goddard

My passion lies in cloisonné enameling. I began working in this medium that combines metal and glass while working on my second major in fine art, at Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1990. As an artist with a previous degree in mathematics, the process satisfied my analytical side with its technical approach, while blending comfortably with my need for creativity.

Enameling is the process of fusing small granules of glass (enamel) to metal by firing it in a kiln at high temperatures. I am fascinated with line and believe that it is the basis of good design – whether it is created by the highlights of a classic car or the Nike swoosh. So it naturally follows that my enameling technique of choice is cloisonné.

Although I began using the cloisonné enameling technique in small objects and jewelry in 1991, since 2004, the challenge of adapting this technique to larger wall art has been my focus.

My work has been featured in galleries and shows across the country. 


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