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myHealth24-7 FAQ

About myHealth24-7

What is myHealth24-7?

myHealth24-7 is a convenient, easy way for you to access your personal health records and test results, any time of the day or night. It is a secure, online resource for our patients.  

Who is eligible? How do I set up my account?

myHealth24-7 is available to patients of participating hospitals and physician offices. Accounts are set up at the hospital or physician office during your registration process. To receive an account, you must be age 19 or older and provide a photo ID and email address at the time of registration. With this information your account will be set up and you will receive two emails that contain information on how to activate your account. You will need both emails to activate your account.

What if want to set up my account at a later time?

If you provided a photo ID but did not provide an email address address during your visit/registration and you want to set up your account at a later time, here are the steps to follow:

  • For Bryan Medical Center patients: email the following information to
    • Your full name
    • Your date of birth
    • The last four digits of your social security number
    • Your patient account number (which can be found on your armband), if you do not have this number include that in the email and our patient portal representatives will help you find the needed verification information to set up your account
  • For Participating Physician Office patients: email the following information to
    • Your full name
    • Your date of birth
    • The last four digits of your social security number
    • Your billing address

Does my doctor participate in myHealth24-7?

See a list of participating practices here. If your doctor is not on the list, check back. Physician practices will be added regularly.

What if I provided information to set up my account but did not receive the activation emails?

If you did not receive the emails to activate your account, please email and provide your full legal name and date of birth. We will follow-up with the information you need to set up your account.

Please note: if you choose not to activate your patient portal account, it will expire in 90 days.

How do I access myHealth24-7?

You can access myHealth24-7 anywhere you have access to the internet, at any time of the day or night. For best results, please use a computer to access the patient portal. Access to the patient portal may not be compatible with mobile devices. To log-in, go to 

What can I access?

You can view lab results, radiology results, a summary of your health care visit including procedures and treatments, medications, discharge instructions and other health information.

When will my test results and information be available?

Your results and information will be available on myHealth24-7 within 36 hours of your visit. Some test results may not be available because of their sensitive nature. If you are expecting test results that have not been posted within 36 hours, please contact your physician's office.

Can I access my child’s records?

Currently, only patients age 19 and older are eligible to have an account and access information through myHealth24-7. You will not be able to access your child’s records using the portal.

Is my information secure?

Yes. myHealth24-7 is a secure web site where you can access, view and print your health information.

Will information from previous health visits be part of myHealth24-7?

myHealth24-7 will include information beginning with the first visit for which your patient portal account was created. From this visit forward, information will be placed in your myHealth24-7 account.

Will information from all my physician or hospital visits be available in myHealth24-7?

Information from participating physicians and hospitals will be included. See a list of participating hospitals and physicians here.

Do I have to set up an account with each participating physician or hospital?

No. myHealth24-7 is part of what is known as a health information exchange (HIE). This is a secure network of participating hospitals and physician offices.

Once you set up your patient portal account, available health information from any of the participating hospitals and physician offices will be placed in this myHealth24-7 account. This allows you to have a central point of access for all your health information from all participating members.

Additional questions?

For log-in and technical questions, please call 1-844-628-0303 or email

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