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Moving and Other Musings

Moving and Other Musings
September, 2013

I have a new “promise to self”. Never, ever, move again and quit keeping things “just in case”. I am finally down to 14 boxes but I am reluctant to start on the boxes of folders full of fascinating articles pulled from my dermatology journals over the last 35 years. It will become so distracting that nothing else will get done! It will actually be a trip down memory lane and a reminder of how much my interests moved over the years to surgical dermatology and lasers and then on to cosmetic dermatology with its products, fillers and Botox™. I found the seminar booklet from the very first formal training the Carruthers presented for 60 or so of us in Vancouver, Canada, where we learned about Botox™ and were injected ourselves. Talk about being on the cusp of history in cosmetic dermatology!

My plan for this transition is to finally have more to read all the scientific information I can, in my personal campaign to slow down the effects of birthday fairy “gifts” to our skin.

I like the idea of being part of Bryan LifePointe and the fact that they have a “work out center,” not only because they focus on particular health problems such as cardiac and pulmonary but also on prevention with many choices of workout opportunities and dietary information. I love the role of being involved with prevention, although many of us sun bunnies need skin rehab also. I haven’t been able to figure out why our country “evolved” away from sun protection opportunities such as the hats and long sleeves our ancestors wore. We weren’t suffering from rickets or other vitamin D deficiency issues, so why?

Okay, enough of my usual whining and on to my reminder to everyone to wear sunscreen – even in the fall, and actually all year long! Guess when we see some of our worst cases of sunburn? Right after the first Husker football game. So don’t forget your sunscreen!

And finally, my invitation to please come visit me in my new “digs” and see for yourself that this a “happening place.”


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