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BryanLGH Cardiothoracic Surgeon First in Nebraska to Perform Robot-Assisted Lung Lobectomy

Dr. Richard Thompson

Nebraska's first-ever, robotic-assisted lung lobectomy was recently performed at BryanLGH Medical Center in Lincoln by cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Richard Thompson, BryanLGH Heart Institute.

A lung lobectomy is the standard of care for treatment of early-stage lung cancer in which the affected lobe of the lung is removed.

Until recently, to access the lung, the surgeon had to perform a thoracotomy, which involves cutting into the side of the chest, between the ribs. This procedure would often result in debilitating pain for the patient, as well as a long recovery.

Using the daVinici Surgical System, which is a computer-directed robot, Dr. Thompson can access the lung through a small, precise, incision, without spreading the ribs. Sitting at a remote console, he uses joystick-like controls to maneuver the robotic arms. Operated in real-time, when his fingers move, the robots arms move.

"The entire team of nurses, techs and my physician assistant are to be congratulated", says Thompson. "We look forward to offering a successful robotic lobectomy program for people throughout the region."

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