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Intervening to Help Yourself and Others (45:59) by Duke Engel, LMHP, LADC, Counselor

If you want to help someone that has an alcohol or drug problem in a natural and healthy way without a lot of unnecessary drama and secrecy, you will want to watch this video.

The intervention approach described includes a brief invitation to the person you are concerned about that takes less than a minute. Once you have planted the seed, you will learn how to make open and honest, day-to-day decisions over the course of weeks that will encourage your loved one toward seeking help.


Understanding Substance Abuse
(35:11) by Otto Schultz, LADC, M.Div., Spiritual Counselor, Bryan Independence Center

Are alcoholism and addiction bad behavior, or are they a disease? Many family members shake their heads and wonder why their addicted loved one doesn’t just stop drinking or using.

This presentation puts together all the pieces of disease, choice and dependency and shows how their impact is interrelated. It also blows away the concept of willpower as a useful tool. To successfully deal with addiction all three pieces must be addressed.

Flashing Your Brights
(33:20) by Otto Schultz, LADC, M.Div., Spiritual Counselor, Bryan Independence Center

Would you like to know how to effectively handle a situation where you or someone you know is having a problem with alcohol or drugs? We can’t change another person, but we can make a difference. People can “flash their brights” like they do when they see a car with its headlights off. High-Risk drinkers and other people in trouble with substances often have false mindsets about how they affect others. Flashing Your Brights shows how anyone can make a difference by shining some light into these false beliefs.


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